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It's what I go to school for

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So my job is hard and takes a certain kind of person to do it well. I'm not sure I'm that kind of person yet but I seem to be getting closer all the time. The sheer amount of abuse, insults and general craziness I have to put up with on a daily basis makes me wonder why I bother.

Then I have days like yesterday. We said goodbye to the departing Year 13s (last year of secondary education, they're 18 years old) with a little awards ceremony and then the lads had arranged a meal at a local restaurant and invited some staff. The awards ceremony took a lot of preparation: we wrote the lads a testimonial each, we found old photos of them from 5 years ago (I don't delete anything!) and put them up around the hall. The awards themselves were a good laugh, a nice mix of the irreverent and the slightly more serious.

The meal was a great laugh too: the lads were very relaxed, very happy - like normal teenagers. One of the nicest aspects was seeing some lads who've been a pain turning into decent young men and seeing some lads who've been through hell smiling and enjoying themselves. These guys were my very first Aimhigher group - I've worked with them since my first week in the job and they've been our guinea pigs for the new regime in 6th form. They've done us proud and we've done right by them. We've welded them into a normal 6th form that's started to achieve decent results and go to university outside the local area.

Now I've got to go in and deal with the normal nonsense but I've got half an eye of next year when we'll be doing the same with the next lot. It's gonna be great.

It's what I go to school for

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You can call me TC

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Can't think of anything to say to that. You ought to be spread around schools all over the country. Nowadays, too, it's quite easy to keep in touch with them and watch their further progress. You have laid the foundation stone for them to build on.

It's what I go to school for

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What TC said. smiley - smiley You work bloody hard, but you are good at what you do. Well done. smiley - applause

smiley - fairy

It's what I go to school for

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Sho - employed again!

HI I loved reading that smiley - kiss

and I really think it's a good idea for you to print it, laminate it and read it through when you're having a bad day (at work or anywhere else)
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It's what I go to school for

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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

What Sho said! smiley - applause

Well done!

lil x

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