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If anyone was watching BBC3 tonight at 9, you might have seen me bouncing around in a really garish shirt. The BBC put on a live production of Carmen, done Bollywood style and with modern music, right in the heart of Bradford city centre and me and a friend had front row tickets. It was amazing - like an explosion of sound and colour. The atmosphere was sensational and someone must have sacrificed a goat or something because the weather was perfect. They wanted audience participation so they taught us all a few dance moves - as well as being great fun I got a lot of exercise.

I know working in the job I do gives me a sometimes skewed view of the city where I only see the worse sides of it, but Bradford can really put on a show when it wants to. I was sceptical about the new city park, I thought it was a waste of money the city didn't have but I was wrong. It's restored part of a city centre that was really going downhill and when there are events like these, which is fairly often, it's packed and the business are thriving. In the past year I've been to an outdoor art exhibition, an open air screening of Coraline (which was wonderful but *cold*) and now this.

I can now say in all honesty I've shared a screen with Preeya Khalidas and Meera Syal, albeit briefly and in a really ugly shirt. I can die happy.

Jai Ho!

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Lanzababy - Guide Editor

*reaches for the iPlayer button.

What an amazing little story. Your journals are always good to read, in many varied ways HI. Thanks for sharing.


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Sho - employed again!

it sounds great.

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I saw that on the news this morning! It looked fantastic! smiley - wow

smiley - fairy

Jai Ho!

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You can call me TC

I'm reading Ben Crystal's "Shakespeare on Toast" (or something like that - haven't got it with me at the moment) He says that in Shakespeare's day all the actors - including those whose characters had died during the play - got up at the end and did a jig. Just like Bollywood, I thought!

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Sho - employed again!

I loved that book - I read it a couple of years ago and since then I keep meaning to read some shakespeare (out loud, to myself) but I never seem to find the time.

Finished my Politics module today so I started The Undercover Economist to get myself ready for my economics module starting in October.

Jai Ho!

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My students have all seen me dancing - they're rather amused by it and so every time I walk in the room they start bouncing. Bless them, they're amused by the simplest things.

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