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"I have chosen to participate in the illusions of this world and have choosen my own rights/wrongs, goods/bads...I enjoy my perceived world and I'm going to participate in it like mad until I cease to exist...I enjoy the illusion of love. I actively participate in the lie of altruism. To me, it is "right" - as defined by me"
___________SusY aka imagine

"Life is an illusion, so make the illusion work FOR you, not against you."
___________Annie aka Hasselfree

"A ball rolls. God does not make the ball roll. A brain thinks. God does not make the brain think."
___________PeteY aka %-| ?

HIYA! biggrin My name is Peter, but SusY and Amanda call me PeteY. laugh i keep changing my nickname, just for kicks, s#!ts, and giggles. laugh i do a lot of pondering huh i stumbled on this website, like Amanda did, and have also made some good friends-like Amanda and Annie.

Amanda's lots of fun to talk to. i like her haiku posts. i also like to stick up for her when other h2g2 researchers flame her loveblush
"HI AMANDA!" laugh

Annie reminds me of a dear friend of mine, SusY, who just joined this site as "imagine". Annie's trying to help me bend spoons. spork
"HI ANNIE!" laugh

SusY's A WONDERFUL THINKER huh. PLus, she's HOT drool. I TOTALLY DIG HER love loveblush
SHE JUST JOINED H2G2 AS "imagine" and her bio's up now!
"HI SUSY!" laugh

Thinkers come in all shapes and sizes. I know an adorable little 11 year old boy named SteFan who's a great thinker.
"HI STEF!" laugh

in addition to thinking about life and the universe planet, i like to bodybuild [Arnold Schwarzenegger is the greatest bodybuilder EVER http://web.tiscali.it/iompao1/gallerypage.html" >http://web.tiscali.it/iompao1/gallerypage.html ], listen to high-end audio, fly high flyhi to eurodance http://www.markski.com/" >http://www.markski.com/ ...i totally dig star trek, especially TNG, and i'm trying to make a lint/fuzz tribble to keep Amanda's belly button fluff tribble company laugh
i'm also into girls, of course winkeye

Peter out! ok


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