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Isolation-killing me.
My spirit cries 'please set me free'

A revelation within my soul.
I will do this, I'll reach my goal.

The goal I seek cannot be measured.
The goal I seek, is to be treasured.

Not by you, or her, or him.
But by myself, so deep within.

I want to hold my head up high.
My spirit, yes I'll let you fly.

I wont give up, even when I fall.
I'll get back up, I will stand up tall

I can do this, I'm on my way.
A little closer everyday.

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Latest reply: Feb 20, 2003

Right Now...

Sitting, waiting, wondering, sadness.
Waiting for a word from him telling me its ok.
Wondering why he doesnt care.
Wondering why I do.
Sadness for his careless way.
Sadness for how much it hurts.
Back to wonder, how did I fall?
Why did he not at all?
Doesnt he know how special I am?
I know how special he is...or was?
How can he be so cold?
Why isnt he contacting me?
Why do I ask such silly questions?
I know its best that hes not in touch.
I know hes harmful to my soul.
But when things were good between us, I was on top of the world.
Now I feel so low.
When will I be ok?
When will I not care?
Sitting, waiting, wondering, sadness.
Another night...alone.

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Latest reply: Jan 15, 2003

Things I Miss...

*friends I used to know
*things we used to do
*the boy
*the muppets
*my innocence that unbelieveably did exist at one time
*licky and buffy (my cat and dog)
*my figure ...bah!
*feeling comfortable around new people
*being able to be a clown, and make a fool of myself (on purpose)
*guns and roses
*the easy way...

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I think I have a busy mind.
I am constantly thinking, wondering about all things from deep to silly.
I am thankful for the ability to have these thoughts, and the ability to keep some of them where they mere thoughts.
Lately my thoughts have been experincing more black clouds than typical, but I guess its all a lesson.
Ok. Im done.

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Latest reply: Jan 6, 2003

Computer Problems

Just testing to see if I still beed to hit refresh in order to see something I've typed.
I will understand this computer thing yet I tell day!

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