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Beijing - Round Five

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Well I got here relatively painlessly.
The upgrade fairy godmother been waved her wand in my direction again so I had a very comfy seat with as much smiley - bubbly as I wanted and lobster for dinner.
I smiley - love our national carrier.

The plane landed on time but we were kept on it for a further twenty minutes until every passenger's temperature had been taken by a solitary masked and gloved medic with a high-tec zappy thing. We also had to complete a health questionnaire and say if we'd had recent contact with pigs.
On clearing the airside quarantine desk, we were given a wee leaflet which asked us to monitor our health for seven days, avoid populous public areas and public transportation - and call 999 immediately if we developed any symptons, upon which we'd be immediately taken to a medical clinic.

Given that the swine fever pandemic seems to have raised its head and has been snarling nastily, this is probably a good thing. However, one leaves the airport and the first thing one sees, and hears smiley - ill, is someone noisily clearing every last millimeter of their respiratory equipment - and depositing the results on the pavement for everyone else to walk through.
Something Should Be Done!

Have had a fairly quiet day, fighting exhaustion and jetlag.
Rather than the high temperature I'd been expecting, today was rainy and overcast, in the high teens.
We had a good walk to and from a favourite wee restaurant.
Sichuan noodles for two, plus an assortment of steamed buns and dumplings and some chinese greens - washed down with a pot of green tea and some local beer. How much did this sumptuous repast cost? A grand total of 67.50 RMB - which is less than seven quid.

I bought my pudding in the Jiankelong supermarket on the way home. They have a fruit here called an apple-pear. On first inspection it appears to be an oversized Golden Delicious apple but is actually a very juicy pear with none of that grainy texture one sometimes finds in ordinary pears. Yum.

And now, having made the mistake of taking a wee snooze earier this evening, I'm wide awake and wondering if proper sleep will be possible.
Ach well - that's what the interwebs are for smiley - winkeye

Beijing - Round Five

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aka Bel - A87832164

I've heard about the spitting. Makes my stomach turn just thinking about it. smiley - yuk

When I flew back home from London the other week, there was an Asian couple on the plane, wearing masks. I asked the air hostess whether she'd get to see this more often now, and she said the Asians generally wore masks, independent of avian flu, swine flu or whatever.

Hope you'll have a great time.

Beijing - Round Five

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Turns my stomach too. Glad you arrived safely Teuchter with no real hassle. That seemed quick. smiley - smiley The apple-pear sounds nice. I love pears but the grainy bits get in my teeth smiley - grr

Have a nice time and keep in touch. I find it a fascinating country and will look forward to hearing more if you have time.

Websailor smiley - dragon

Beijing - Round Five

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Sho - employed again!

An upgrade? Lucky you!

I love those pears, we often get given a box of them by our bosses, as they are also very popular in Korea.

As for the hawking up the contents of your nose - it's just something they do in Asia. It is quite shocking to our Western sensibilities.

Beijing - Round Five

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Santragenius V

Lovely to hear from Beijing smiley - smiley

Beijing - Round Five

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Very dear Teuchter,

Gosh I got your dates all wrong. Anyway, you will find the message I sent you when you get home.

My goodness. I had totally forgotten that charming habit of the pavement. It never ceased to drive me up the wall. also the dreadful habit they had in Hong Kong of bumping into one very hard. !!

Anyway, your supper sounded good. I was always disappointed because there was never a sweet at the end of a meal.

I hope that your sleep patern has imporved and that you will be able to rest.

Make the most of your stay my dear.

With much affection


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