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Silent Night...

Apparently Christmas isn't over. I base this conclusion on the fact that many Advertisements on TV are still telling us what they think Christmas is about.

Perhaps after last night it will be.

At about 11pm I was getting ready for bed (having found I'd forgotten to make it after washing the bedclothes). I heard some loud drumming, and loud singing. The music had a rather Irish flavour to it. It was proably about ten or so houses away, but quite clear, even with my bedroom window closed, so that will give you some idea of it's volume.

At that time of night I really wanted them to shut up.

And was nice to listen to. The drumming was beautifully executed and the melding of voices was a joy. It's just a pity it was so late at night.

I do admit a rather nasty thought when they began singing "Silent Night" of "Well yes, that would be nice". But by that time my heart wasn't really in it.

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Latest reply: Dec 29, 2002

The Ghost of Chistmas Just Passed

I awoke early on a cloudy Christmas morn. Not, I hasten to add, because I wanted to open the copious presents spread under a tree groaning with the weight of too many lights, ornaments, tinsel and one rather irritated fairy with a tree where the sun doesn't shine. No, this was simply because after years of waking up early for work I've got into the habit. A poor excuse really.

I wandered out to our lounge room, devoid of tree, and devoid of presents. Why? Christmas is barely happening in our household which consists of me, my ex (who is technically now my housemate) and one Painful Pup (a desexed bulldyke Jack Russell who nevertheless still loves us), who lives outside anyway. The computer went on and I logged on to talk to the world.

Well not the world, that would take far too long, but select bits of the world that were a) awake, and b) happened to be logged on in the same places I was.

A lovely, quiet start to the day. It couldn't last.

Mother was to come over later, and so the cooking started. In this case I wasn't the cook, but merely the helper. My ex offered, and who am I to refuse?

The visit with Mum was good. Nice, quiet, easy. A nice chat, a lovely meal, and then she left a bit later.

The cloud broke, the sun beat down upon the already brown grass, perhaps browning it a little more, certainly adding a hint more crackle to my footsteps. No, we can't water, we're in the middle of water restrictions because of the drought.

Water restrictions, for those lucky enough not to know the term, means that we plebs are restricted in how much water we can use for tasks such as cleaning cars, watering lawns and the like. The various government departments, on the other hand, appear to be exempt because...well for all their dodging and diving it appears that they're exempt because they're exempt. With reasoning like that how can anyone argue?

The afternoon passed quietly with my computer quietly fading to the fabled Blue Screen Of Death more times than I care to count. Though perhaps my lack of counting skills is more to do with the amount of Christmas Cheer I've imbibed. I rarely drink, and I think this hit me harder than it would have back in my 'wild' University days.

I made a new friend online and we spent many hours discussing religion and philosophy. It's good to find someone who's read as widely as I have, and who is also deeply philosophical. I have a feeling I'm outclassed, but it's still fun.

A soft bed, a cool breeze, and Christmas, such as it was, is over for another year.

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Latest reply: Dec 25, 2002

It's Christmas!

Merry Christmas, to those who celebrate, and Have a Good Holiday to those that don't.

It's a strange Christmas. Today I'm having dinner with my mother and my ex. It's not bad, just a little strange I think, but then again, my life was never 'normal'.

I think I like it that way.

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Latest reply: Dec 24, 2002

Corsets! Yum!

Well having had a chance over one night to try on three different types of corsets and spending nearly seven hours corsetted, I'm hooked.

I just have to buy my own now! They feel so good! And I think they look lovely too!

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Latest reply: Dec 22, 2002

A new beginning...

It's a new beginning in so many ways.

I've split from my partner of 8 years (married about 6 years).

I'm beginning to explore my transgender issues outside of online.

I'm beginning to explore my BDSM tendancies outside of online.

I'm getting a social life again.

I'm learning who I am.

I'm learning not to lie to myself and others.

Life is mostly good.

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Latest reply: Dec 19, 2002

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