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Roll the Die

So here I sit. In front of the Fey Queen. My body battered and beaten by the beasts she sent to weeaken me.
My hazy friends lost, or worse, dead forever to this world. If I see them again they will be ghosts, more fearful to me than the enemy I came to kill.

She eyes me like a new toy. The Queen of the Fey.

The Fey.

The invaders of dreams.
Taking their energy direct from our most inner understandings. Sapping our life from in front of our very own closed eyes.
That's how she gets to you, through your dreams.
At night, when the warmth of the duvet seduces you into her dark realm. That's how she came to me, through a dream.
A dream that had nothing short of terrifying consequenses in my very own real waking world.
And it wasn't even I that dreamed it.

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Latest reply: Jan 23, 2010

Here's Creachy

Ahem, yes, well, I'm aware my absent has been long and very un-arduous on you all. So I'll keep this long smiley - biggrin

The last time I was on here, this fantastic of fantastical places, not a lot was happeningsmiley - erm So it is my hope that with a return of one or more ex-hootoers that things will pick up round heresmiley - ok

A run down of what I've been upto goes like this: Joined the RAF and I now live on Marssmiley - mars where I'm head of ATIC(Alien Technology Intergration Company), but that's hush hush so I'll give you the cover storysmiley - winkeye
I work as a Team Leader now of a Supported Living house for young adults with Learning Disabilities. That is Autiism and the likes.
I've recently re-found my writing bug, which is what has probably drawn me back to this, H2G2, as it has so many differently wonderful ways of inspiring a piece or two out of peoplesmiley - book
I also moved into my own place much to the relief of mother and currently spend my time either reading, blowing up spaceships , or spending time with my lovely girlfriend.

Anyway, nice to see you all again


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Latest reply: Oct 7, 2009

Colonel Creachy

Hi guys, thanks for opening this thread and thanks even more for readig on. It has been a long time, unless you take on board Einsteins Theory of speed in which case, it's been not that long at all, for me.
Anyway, I.m quite poll-axed at the moment, and, in my stuperd memory there lies this place called H2G2. I remeber loving it with every cybernetic breath I took, but lost that love at some point when real life really woudn't wait and smashed my door down with the weight of responsibilty.
Well I've had enough of being held back from this site, nearly two whole years now, and I'm back, to say my piece on the rubbish that is 'Real Life'.

Tonight, at my best fiends wedding, I watched three two-something year olds dance to music they coyuldn't understand. Next to me was one of teir Mum's. She was very happy and sentimental as she explained to me that whilst they danced now without worry, one day they would have bills to pay, a job to do, a woman/man to please and an ideal to live to. She said it like it weighed heavy on her heart, and I agree. One day these happy little blights will have to leave behind the fun and happiness of simple things and go forth in a world that eats your soul for the price of a Big Mac. However, we are not the only creatures in the world that start off so innocent, so why does it bite so much when we actually think of the innocence we lost?
It's because we are supposed to be superior to other life, intellectually and physically, hence why in such a short time in evolutionary terms we have come so far.
Yet it pains us to know, and the key word here is know, that our young will have to fight the fight of everyone and face the fact that they may end up bottom of the heap.
Has the Human race developed to a state of superior being, or are we just denying that we are still animals but with more interesting ways of ruining our rivals?

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Latest reply: Aug 24, 2007

Hibbidy Dee

Yes, it is I. The infallible creachy has returned and I have a lot more to teach the world.

I appreciate that I left without any goodbye and probably screwed some people up, (FANTASY FOOTBALL, I'm sorry) but fear no mre for I have returned from my somewhat short yet spirit finding journey, and I shall be much pleased to hear from whoever...yessmiley - biggrin

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Latest reply: Dec 3, 2006

No more meat!!!

At least no more meat for me for the next 46 dayssmiley - yikes
It's Shrove Tuesday today which means tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the start of Lentsmiley - bigeyes
From then until Easter Sunday I have decided to test my mental Discipline by depriving my body of any meat like substancesmiley - silly
That includes Kourn as that would be cheatingsmiley - ok

Anyway, anyone know how I start writing a guide entrysmiley - cheers I'm sure there's supposed to be some form of tag at the top and bottom of the page but I can't figure it outsmiley - huh

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