Hey there. I doubt anyone will actually come here, so I'm suspecting typing this is a little pointless, but, what the hell, I've got time to kill. And besides, maybe people will come now TalkBuffy soon won't be with us. Okay then, first things first, brief introduction to me: I'm a student who kills time between lectures on the internet - hence my being here. Or at least that's how it started, but I found this place to have a far higher standrad of discussion than your average message board, so now I check up whenever I can. And I am still technically a student, though now postgrad, since I completed my law degree, and am now doing my LPC on my way to becoming a solicitor, if anyone will take me on (not looking that promising right now:)). Either way, the course ends in June, so I'll no longer be a student then. Favourite TV shows would be BtVS, obviously, also, The Office [my favourite show of all time], People Like Us, League of Gentlemen, Alan Partridge, Marion and Geoff, Monty Python, Fawlty Towers - mostly comedy you'll notice. Other interests include music (ie, green day, super furry animals, beatles, bowie, and others), movies (LA Confidential, Pulp Fiction, American Beauty, Airplane, Monty Python and The Holy Grail, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to name a few), football, reading (Joseph Conrad is my favourite ever author, for those interested, and Heart Of Darkness my favourite book, but honourable mentions go to Terry Pratchett, Kazuo Ishiguro, Douglas Adams and Douglas Coupland)...and that's pretty much it. Now my buffy fan profile since the BBC buffy site is what brought me here - had been a casual viewer (ie, would watch it if it happened to be on) for a while, but really got into it in summer 2002 when in my summer holidays from uni, I started watching the re-runs from the beginning that were on every day on sky1, until pretty much up to date with s.6 on BBC. Although sky1 ineplicably skipped the whole of s.3, that was one I'd seen quite a lot of so I wasn't too badly affected in terms of knowledge of plot, and I also missed the last 2 episodes of s.5 but caught up pretty quickly. In fact, I have now seen every episode, except the Body, and yes I am aware it is one I really should watch:). I also now have the first 4 seasons on dvd (and am slowly converting my brother, incidentally:)). You've prbably noticed from above that my main love on the small screen is comedy, and BtVS is great at this while also combining drama elements, as well, obviously, as horror, sci-fi and fantasy themes, which is probably why I like this show so much. Final comment, as anyone who has noticed my posts around will probably know, my favourite episode is Lie to Me (though Prophecy Girl is a close second) - and it has become something of a personal crusade of mine to get others to acknowledge its greatness:). I'll probably post my top 10 list here sometime soon. Anyway, I'm rambling now, and I've run out of things to say now, so I'll end it here - thanks for coming here and reading this (as if anyone ever will:)).
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