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whats happened to the ruddy summer,lol

unacustomed to writing jerno,s
i thought this needed to be said.
im fedup of this contant rain,day in, day out.
hopefully the weather will be brighter,around the 26th of this month,a friend and his lass are coming to hudderfield, and i intend to go for a day to meet up with them,so if anyone as any influence with the world weather(some hope)jimxx

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back on track,and running full steam ahead

this might not seem much to anyone would asnt had to send in a paper to either wait for a medical or get a through.(without one)
over a month and half ago i sent my papers in, and waited and waited,the wait as some of you will know is nerve racking,
because you know whats on the reply could change your whole life in seconds.
if you need to go for a medical, its always touch and go,and the wait again can send you mad.
well on a good note, i got my reply this afternoon, im clear for another year and more
till 24/9/2005,i wanted to go for the disability
but the doc says, wait till i get so i cant manage on my own or till im unable to walk without a stick(which will evenually happen)
but on an happy note(OR AS FRED FLINTSTONE WOULD SAY) YABA,DABA,DO smiley - eurekajim

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the ww2 entry im submitting later on

hi there,all

ive mentioned a few times,lol

i have been very busy researching a lost plane and its crew.

well at last i have only one peice to find(two airmen still no positive info on)but i thought it was time to
put something on the h2g2 guide to see what it would be like.

so anyone who would be interested, it on my guide entries

the last mission of b24-liberator,ew277,smiley - discojim
any coments will be apreaciated,either way.

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another year nearly gone

hi anyone who reads this that knows mesmiley - cracker

you,ll have to bear with me, its my first one,and probably my last lol.

smiley - hollyin the last 12 months, like most people ive had bad and god days,

i lost my last sister in june,and then found my long lost cousin,
smiley - lovethen i got to say hello to him for 15 mins,and the next week i was going to his funarel

ive only family related now, all my amediate family as gone, all my aunts, uncles as well.smiley - holly

smiley - discoi dont have a crystal ball, so i cant see what this year as to offer.smiley - disco

smiley - lovetomorrow(31st dec 2003)i,ll be taking a trip a few miles from here, to meet a lady(jinty)so at least the end of the year will be a happy onesmiley - love

smiley - bubblywell here,s to the end of 2003,roll on 2004>jim jimcracker7smiley - bubbly

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