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My weekend

My weekend starts in exactly 2 and a half hours. To say I cannot wait is an understatement.

Tonight, I am going to watch The Borders play Leeds Tykes at Netherdale and then I'll come home to some nice chilled cider I expect!

Other than that, it's a feet-up weekend for me and I'm really looking forward to it!

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You wake up, you look out the window at the crisp white snow and look up to the sky and see the snow falling softly. You wrap up warm and look for your gloves and scarf. You walk outside and make the first footprints in the snow all the way down the path...smiley - biggrin...and then some damn kid starts pelting you with snowballs...grrrr smiley - sadface

smiley - snowball

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Monday - back to work

Not only is it a bad day because I'm back at work but I woke up to find it had been snowing!! smiley - snowball

It wasn't nice snow though, it was horrible icy, slidy snow and there isn't enough of it to make a snowball, never mind a snowman smiley - blue

So, who wants a cyber snowball fight then?

smiley - snowball

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I've been to Fife for the weekend. I would tell you about it but I have a funny memory!! smiley - biggrin

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