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Quille the cynic...TC

I smiley - love your introduction, but perhaps that's just because I'm crazy. I also see you've written your first entry about Harlow, but before I smiley - run off to read that, I must perform the task that I am officially appointed to do (well volunteered, but it's all the same smiley - tongueout).
Welcome! I am here to greet you to the spiralling bit of insanity strewn across the world-wide web, that is H2G2 (otherwise known as hootoo). I'm an ACE (Assistant Community Editor) and you can feel free to call me Quille.

Here are a few helpful pages made by researchers that you might want to check out:

A719840 -Feisor's Newbie Page

A534953 -Shea's Links

A572979 - The Post, H2G2's own newspaper with anything from sporting articles to creative fiction ( I suggest MaW's Future Prefect series myself)

A690518 - After getting the hang of GuideML you might want to check this place out

Also, the smileys are often used on H2G2. You can go to see the full smiley page by clicking on this smiley - smiley or simply clicking this link <./>Smileys</.>

If you are a digibox user you may want to go to the Friends of Leisure District and Digibox Users page U201567 .

There are also some interesting new gadgets here. For instance, the little eyes next to a person’s name in a conversation mean that they are online at the time. Also, the friend’s list at the bottom of your page. It can be used to access your friend’s journal entries and personal spaces much more easily, and you can add a friend to it by simply clicking through to their personal space and under their researcher information (normally on the far right side of the page in a column) will be an ‘Add to Friends’ link. Click it and they’ll be added smiley - biggrin.

Now that that's over with, you can relax. Have some smiley - tea and some smiley - cake, sit back and go as quickly or slowly as you want. We'll all still be here tomorrow (most of us that is). If you have ANY questions please feel free to ask me by clicking the reply button at the bottom of this post or by clicking my name at the top to visit my Personal Space and leave a post there. I will try to get back to you as quickly as possible!

Enjoy exploring, Don't Panic, and above all: Don't Forget Your Towel!

Quille the smiley - elf

Hello wrecked saint

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Thank you for the warm welcome. I'll do my best to keep things interesting around here, and hopefully I won't make too many mistakes (touch wood).

Hello wrecked saint

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Quille the cynic...TC

Don't worry about mistakes...they're quite OK smiley - biggrin So, how're you finding it here on H2G2?
smiley - elf

Hello wrecked saint

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I think its great, actually, really interesting. I am still trying to get my head around the sheer variety of entries available. And to think that I found this site totally by accident while tooling around on Google!

I think I'll stick around awhile.

Hello wrecked saint

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Quille the cynic...TC

Righto..Sorry for delay in reply. I've been a bit smiley - erm..busy. smiley - sorry!!! Can you ever forgive me?
Oh do please stay..It's wonderful here...
smiley - elf

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