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You're not to bad yourself smiley - winkeye


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Researcher 209881

Oh, and I gave up smoking 30 a day over 3 months ago, and havn't smoked a single one since (or will again).

It's one of the things I'm most proud of doing - which is kinda sad when you think about it.

None of my friends are happy for me (they all still smoke, and accidentally I mentioned how I thought they should ban smoking from ALL public places EVERYWHERE and have regretted it ever since).

I don't care. My own pride is enough! Hurrah!smiley - wowsmiley - tongueoutsmiley - evilgrin (I can't find a smug smiley).


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Why thankyou. I keep meaning to investigate GuideML but, you know, I've got other things to do like lying around eating biscuits. I smoked for a year and a half. This was when I was sixteen, it was some kind of silly self harm implulse. Anyway I gave up flat. Finished the packet and that was it. Never felt any urges afterwards at all. Why do people say it's difficult?

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