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Ode for today : DO NOT GET DRUNK!!!

well its my work do tonight - going for a nice dinner with the girlies from work- we have banned the boys!!!!!! so tomorrow morning i am going to be feeling very worse for wear. and i have to behave myslef as most of the other people going are 20 years my senior and although i know i can drink every man under the table it might be best not to show them that i can.....letsd just stick to 2 bottles of chillian white. Oh and wearing new shoes (4 inch stilleto with only a toe strap) so cant fall over when trying to go to the toilet. actually that might be the highlight of the night!!! - i'm sure the sexy waiter will have great fun looking at my arse stuck in the air!! oh well till tomorrow..............

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Fast Recovery

This weekend i went to my boyfriend lee;s work do in birmingham , we got put up in an absolutely wonderful hotel - all expenses paid... so imagine the state of the guests in reception on sunday morning. Cant wait for the photographs to come out as inside the hall where the party was held (international conference centre in birmingham) was a full size carousel , dogems, and a twister!!! which was quite an amusing site at 1am when 500 pissed up partygoers in ball dresses and dinner jackets were all scarmbling to get into dogems to bump into fellow workers. no injuries that i can remember but then i cant really remember past 11pm. Wasnt too bad by sunday afternoon so must be the fastest recovery that i have had for a while. oh well only 10 more xmas dinners, a xmas party and a xmas trip to london to go then its xmas itself and i'm cooking this year for the first time..... so that will be a ball.!!!

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Must do some work.....soon

Well today I came into work with the full intention of doing some serious grafting. I have lots of deadlines to meet and after wasting quite a lot of time this week for one reason or another I must at some point knuckle down. However, i went on line to check my emails and somehow found a link to this site and it has all gone down hill from there. ...... Its now 12.05pm and I have done bugger all today. But I dont want to ... so I am going to try and get my head around this h2g2 thing. Never really been into chatting on line or discuissing myself with abunch of strangers before but this is somehow different and i can see myself avoiding work on a daily basis now. ........

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