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All kinds of good news

Hi everyone! many different things can change in less than two months?

Yeah, I've got some news! I've got over the whole election depression/frustration/funk/pout/thing that i had. We've still got John Howard (and hooray, we've got George Bush too!!!!! <sarcasm&gtsmiley - winkeye but the world didn't come to an end...yet.

Finished another year at university, the exams weren't too bad, i'm apprehensive about the results, but hey, i'm always apprehensive about the results, so it's not worth worrying about really.

But the biggest news is that, sorry boys, (okay that was a joke, i've been on hootoo for a year now and noone's mentioned it), but I'm newly taken! Yes, off the market as they say. Actually i've got a wonderful, lovely, endearingly odd boyfriend who also likes maths and philosophy and chocolate and heaps and heaps of the stuff i like. Holy shit!! Yeah, I'm still spinning out about the whole thing. We've been together 9 days now (i think it's 9, he'd correct me if he sees this, good naturedly of course) and it's brilliant!! Absolutely tops! Now i finally get what everyone else was on about when they said having a boyfriend was a good thing. Whoa

The coolest thing was that i didn't panic and turn everything stupid like i would have usually done. Okay, well i did panic a little, because i noticed he was giving me the "vibes" back when i started giving him the "vibes" but i didn't know what to do about the end everything just sort of fell into place and we are now a couple. Go team go!!!

I could talk about this all day, but i think i'll just have a few celebratory drinkies in a certain canberra wine cellar...

Ami of zx

smiley - coolsmiley - biggrinsmiley - cool

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And the word of the day is: f**k

Well, anyone else hear who won the Australian election?

Yes, despite all our efforts, it's three more years of he who can't be named (but who's surname is Howard, in case you're not sure who i mean). I just feel completely let down, degraded, powerless and irrelevant. It's not so nice.

The worst thing is that a new party called 'family first' now holds the balance of power in our senate. And from what i've heard, they don't just mean 'family first', but 'gays, lesbians, single women, students, atheists, indigenous people, immigrants, environmentalists LAST'. Since i'm 5 of those 8 people, i'm pretty much f**ked. They also support the 'liberal' party (that's he who can't be named party). So the libs are gonna push all their stuff (like selling telstra, but don't even get me started) straight through into law, and then let family first run riot (think abortion now illegal, discrimination legislation back to the dark ages...). Oh man, switzerland is looking more and more attractive.

but then again, switzerland has the same problems with their extreme right taking over the government.

Anyone got any suggestions of a country i can move to until the next election?

Ami of zx

In a drugs, rock and roll, casual sex kind of mood

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Useful Stuff

Here's some stuff i might need

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Anyone else bored out of their skull...

waiting for the swimming to start at the olympics?

At the moment, they're showing the women's cycling. Now, I support the promotion of women's sport, and it's good that they're actually showing it, but cycling isn't one of my favourite sports. I find it boring. Why can't they show ALL the artistic gymnastics, rather than just a woefully butchered version of the qualifying? Then we could have the swimming, and my favourite event, the diving.

I love the diving, those people who do it must have nerves of steel!
I want to watch the swimming tonight (I'm an Australian, so swimming is interesting to me because it has people I've heard of in it). I was pretty impressed by the australian women's relay team's effort last night.

Besides my bored sports rambling, has anyone else found that 'the olympics' is a good excuse for procrastinating about the work one is supposed to be doing? For example, I have university next week, with three 8 am starts, but I'm sitting up at 11 pm on a Sunday, waiting for the swimming which will probably last until 2 am. But i don't mind about the consequences of sleep-deprivation, because its 'the olympics'.

Yay! Sarah Carrigan is going really well in the cycling! Suddenly it's not as boring as I thought! Does this seem familiar?

Ami of zx
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