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Unified feild theory

I've sussed out the structure of the universe. I won't give details here, but suffice to say I can now build just about anything.
Say, for example, a stargate to anywhere.

Oh, and I've sussed out how to win the lottery, too.
I'll just say "7th order irregular pan-magic square" and "Neural net simulator".

The lottery is chaotic, after all, not random... ^^

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The Clipped Wings of Beurocracy and Stupidity

Apparently a 2.4kg R/C aircraft, travelling at an average speed of around 20mph, fitted with an autopilot and failsafe, using the highest quality radio equipment available, and vetted for structural and mechanical safety before each and every flight represents a sufficient health and saftey risk that it cannot be flown on a .5 mile x .5 mile unpopulated playing field.
Unlike, say, a 1kg football travelling (silently) in up to 60mph, with absolutely no control whatsoever.

Although, to be fair, the field wasn't entirely unpopulated - there were a small number of people who had arranged themselves to take up the whole space... and the one tiny cramped corner I could fly in later became occupied... whilst I was flying. As a result of them ambling around on my runway, I had to skillfully perform a VTOL landing in a tree. Shame there werent any lower branches for me to climb up to effect a retrieval. Hohum, there goes £120 worth of aircraft.

(I did eventually get it down, curtesy of a long plank, but at the expense of 'bending' the tail plane in the process. I can assure you that Balsa does not bend well under these conditions...)

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