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I WILL live... again!!!

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Latest reply: May 8, 2003

Yes! My *ss IS a snowman!

The subject line pretty much describes it all. I mean... how could it not? what kind of idiot wouldnt understand what "Yes! My as* IS a snowman!" means...

Today's Hai-coo:
No gel in hair now.
Hair constantly in my eyes


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Latest reply: Jan 27, 2003

glowing G00??

Luminescence is only so good, i found out today. One luminescent animal, to mate, jams the mate into her body untill he completely dissolves and becomes a part of her. Kind of romantic in a g00ey, soluble kind of way...
Weather outside is incredibly cold. I think it's up to 40(F)... My testicles have shrunken to nothingness.. ow
smiley - blue<--Me at the Bus stop.
smiley - steam<-----Me losing body heat rapidly.

T'day's Haiku:
Cold weather isn't normal
For Floridian Students.
Thin pants are really bad.

Today's Question:
Do pigs really have knees?

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Latest reply: Jan 24, 2003

"Dude... it's a fractal... "

Bonjangles injured himself in marine science today... The geyser of blood was hilarious. All from one little corner of the lab. It was alright, tho.. my psych homework staunched the blood untill he could draft a band-aid to ACTUALLY TOUCH HIS SKIN!! Just before his gimpily(sp?) attached the aidofband to his gushing appendage, he noticed something amiss.
"Holy $hiite! A fleshy mass covered in blood protruding from my elbowular region! better rip it off with my dirty fingernails..."
After disposing of the offending cellular tissue (still wrapped in my psych homework) and finishing his repair job on his b-day suit.. he sat down and became his normal, charming, emotionally unbalanced self. Welcome back @$$h0l3smiley - star!!

Today's Haiku:
Mike's bleeding elbow smiley - bruised
Gushing blood and fleshy meat.smiley - injured
He cries like a girl. smiley - wahsmiley - cry

Today's question:
Do you think they use the # (pound) key a lot on those telephone sex lines? smiley - hotdogsmiley - donut

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Latest reply: Jan 23, 2003

Poop markets, janitors, and Bojangley nothingness (proofed)

Poop market, Janitors, and Bojangley nothingness.
Just Now

Today I sit in the library, listeing to the static off of the janitor's walkie-talkie. Fun shiite. I've also come to realize that I have nothing to say in these journals, only the random thoughts that creep through my mind at the moment. Rather like fishing in a stream of consciousness and only getting crap (not carp). Luckily, most of the crap I fish out is so big I dont have to throw it back, so I post my crap here... in the crap market of my mind. loads of crap are here for all to enjoy in thier crappiness. No diamonds in the rough here, just rough nuggets (affectionateley called "Kurts") of poo to display for all to potentially see, and for few to actually read....

(beat you to it, Bojangles!)

Today's Haiku:
Thoughtless brain doped up
On NyQuil and Sudafed.smiley - drool
Still no thoughts in there.

Today's Question: What would be more fun if the Earth's gravitational pull was directed outward (repelling objects from the Earth itself)?

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Latest reply: Jan 22, 2003

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