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RIP Leonard Nimoy

RIP Leonard Nimoy. He Lived long and Prospered and helped us to dream of the stars. He also inspired me as a young boy with Asperger Syndrome to feel that there was a way of fitting in even if I didn't think in the same way as everybody else. smiley - wah

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Social conundrum

I don't know if anyone's reading my posts, but I wondered if any of my hootoo friends could give me some advice. smiley - erm I'm fed up with just seeing people through the medium of a computer screen, but for best part of 20 years I've been living on a tight budget like most people. This has led to me not taking up invitations to people's weddings, birthdays etc and now no one invites me to anything, bar a 70th birthday of my best friend's mum a couple of years back! smiley - tongueout Anyway, I have a birthday coming up and it's a landmark and part of me wants to have a party but I really don't think anyone will take me seriously if I say that. Do I tell people why I haven't seen them for years or keep quiet about it? Do I issue invitations and run the risk of being confirmed as a social pariah or just not celebrate my birthday as has been the case for the last two decades or so? Any advice or opinions would be great as I don't want to make a complete fool of myself on Facebook! smiley - ok

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Perfect Christmas Playlist

I pride myself that I have a certain ability to put together playlists. smiley - smiley For me, the perfect playlist shouldn't be jarring, moving from uptempo to ballad and back again with no thought for the overall effect on a party. For that reason, a lot of the Christmas albums I have can be irritating. Last Christmas I decided to do something about it! I looked for inspiration to my musical heartland of the 70s and 80s, the heyday of the Christmas song and mixed in the old favourites with some more obscure tracks.
smiley - ok
Open up itunes or spotify or take your own CDs as I did and make up the following playlist as the perfect backing to your Christmas party with my compliments. Let me know what you think if you do use it.
smiley - biggrin

Merry Christmas Everybody - Slade

I Wish it could be Christmas Everyday - Wizzard

Another Rock'n'Roll Christmas - Gary Glitter

Merry Christmas Everyone - Shakin Stevens

Wombling Merry Christmas - The Wombles

Christmas Wrapping - The Waitresses

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree - Kim Wilde and Mel Smith

Wonderful Christmastime - Paul McCartney

Stop the Cavalry - Jona Lewie

Last Christmas - Wham

Fairytale of New York - Pogues and Kirsty McColl

Do they know it’s Christmas – Band Aid

2000 Miles - The Pretenders

The Power of Love - Frankie Goes to Hollywood

A Winter's Tale - David Essex

The Christmas Song - Gilbert O'Sullivan

Lonely This Christmas - Mud

I Believe in Father Christmas - Greg Lake

Merry Christmas Darling - The Carpenters

Happy New Year – Abba

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Yoga and creativity

A month into my new yoga regime and I'm amazed at how much difference it has made. smiley - biggrin Physically I feel better and my flexibility is improving. The main difference, though, is mentally. I am significantly more relaxed and it seems to have unblocked my creative muse as I've restarted work on a book that I first tried to write 6 months ago. Despite my first two Kindle books not really making much of an impact I've decided to restart because I can now view it with more perspective. I enjoyed writing the first two books, a handful of people enjoyed reading them so what have I got to lose. smiley - smiley By the way, my first two books are on Amazon under the name David G. Pearce if anyone's interested!
smiley - run

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I'm back!!

Is anyone else who used to know me?

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