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Hi SBE/David,

I just saw you'd left a message on my last journal entry. As you can tell from my tardiness, I've not been around hootoo much of late. I get fed up with it periodically and ditch it for a while. But I had a sudden urge to find out if anything's going on today. You are the interesting thing that is going on smiley - tongueout There's lots of the usual claptrap also rattling around.

So... you didn't manage to get back to Australia? I'm really sorry about that: I know how much you wanted it to happen.

I've made the move over the Ditch, as you probably realise. And I love it here - earthquakes notwithstanding. Seasons, snow, more sense of community responsibility (brought to the fore by earthquakes), amazing scenery, a lot of people I consider real friends already (been here four years).

Email me at lizdotgarsonatgmaildotcom ito keep in touch. I'm more likely to respond to that (and not here) if today's visit is anything to go by!
smiley - smiley

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From down under...

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