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This is the Guide to What?

I just took a peep at the list of Entries currently in Peer Review.

Nineteen out of the first twenty shown deal with fiction, music, or other cultural matters. The only one dealing with real life is "Dry Rot, or how not to have your house eaten."

Is this what DNA had in mind for the Earth Edition of The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy? I kinda understood him to mean "Write about the things and places you know, like your local area."

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Rimickle revised

I was doing the crossword today, and came up with a solution, hairdo*, which reminded me of one of my rimickles in A1086770 (no. 15):

The young Marcel Proust
Was often seduced
By a scent or a song or a hairdo
And À la Recherche du Temps Perdu
He therefore produced

And the icy realisation struck: I had committed the crime of a homphone rhyme. The rule in rhyming is that the portion from the last accented syllable after the consonant that begins it (the syllable) must sound the same, but that consonant must differ in the two lines.

If you have a last accented syllable with the same starting consonant, what you get is what the French call "rime riche", which they enjoy mightily, but it sets the teeth of an anglophone on edge.

A friend of mine once sent me a poem of scores of lines he had written all in rimes riches. Things like "bet/abet", "light/delight", "can/Cannes"--you get the message. I was a wreck.

Anyway, I realised I'd have to change either "seduced" or "produced" if I am to sleep tonight. So I got into "Edit Entry" and edited for all I was worth, but when I hit "Preview" the Entry title had changed to "GuideML Error" and the thing was all in text with tags, not in GuideML.

So I took care not to save it and went off to make a smiley - tea

smiley - eureka I thought I might make it work in Pliny (normally I stick to Brunel). Fortunately it did.

So now the rimickle reads

Monsieur Marcel Proust
Got a memory boost
From a little French bun (not the hairdo)
And À la Recherche du Temps Perdu
He therefore produced

Little things please the simple smiley - cheerup

*The clue was "Type of picture about Tone with old French twist".

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Age matters

When you find yourself wondering whether you are 59 or 69, you're probably 69.

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How do you carry a dozen mugs without a tray?

Ten in the left hand, two in the right.

Two mug handles hooked on each left-hand finger.

They do have to be empty mugs.

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Derek Parfit died a few days ago. He wrote 'Reasons and Persons', a fascinating investigation of ethics. His method was to consider imaginary scenarios, or thought-experiments, with a science-fiction tinge. For instance, what if you got into your Star Trek transporter and were sent to two different locations at once?

He invented a character he called Timeless, to whom past and future are equivalent. Timeless doesn't fear future events, nor does he feel relief because past tribulations are over.

Here's a 2011 article about him, from The New Yorker

I take off my hat to Derek Parfit.

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