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shattered bottle - Sept 3 2004

Dreamt that I was playing with a glass bottle, turning it back and forth between my hands, and it shattered. Shards went everywhere, and it scared me, but I was not cut. But when I put the glass shards in the trash, the last piece nicked me, and it was like a curse from a fairy tale of something, I would go to hell because I had drawn blood. I turned to leave the room, then leaned back in, and the door closed on my neck, choking me, like a dull guillotine. Then I woke up.

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Eyes Dream Thread

This is a thread for Terri and visitors to her Eyes thread to record their latest or most interesting dreams. Enjoy! smiley - towel JEllen

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beautiful contraption - Dec 2003

I did have an interesting dream this week. I dreamed that I ran into Roberto Begnini, the star of Life is Beautiful. He and several people were setting up for a play. I got caught up in it and started helping them move things. We started moving this really large structure, rows of interconnected wing like rows, like several biplanes stuck together or something. As we reached the stage, people started one by one stepping up onto the structure, shifting their weight onto it. Each time they did these those of us still holding it up would adjust our stance slightly, to carry the extra weight. It was like a carefully choreographed dance. In the end only two or three people, myself included, were supporting the entire machine, and the weight of everyone on it. It didn't feel like a burden though, it was cool. It was a demonstration of what a few people could do if everything is arranged properly and everyone is one the same wavelength.

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Ruby Ring Sept. 5, 03

Dream that I find a precious ruby ring. A curse is lifted in a cathedral. The ring catches the light most beautifully.

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Cinderella Sept 1,03

Dream that I get to be in a Cinderella type movie, that is a big success!

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