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Hi there.

Happy Nerd tells me that you won NaNo last year ( smiley - cool I've never got of the first word), and I had two questions for you as a result of that (no good deed goes unpunished).

1) could we interview you as part of a nanwrimo push we are putting together for 2011?

2) you wouldn't want to become a Muncipal Liaison for h2g2 would you? Although I believe the closing date for applying was today and I'm not sure how they'd feel about us as a website rather than a location.


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I won't have time for 2), unfortunately smiley - sorry

An interview? Ooof smiley - blush But why not?


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No probs about 2.

And excellent for 1!

I shall get back to you...


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smiley - cool

I'll be away tonight (pub quiz!), so I hope you are not in a huge hurry.


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Nah. I'll sort out some questions for you and get them to you in the next couple of days and then give you a week or so? I might see if anyone else who's had a pop is willing to answer them too, so you could pick and choose your questions if you like.

I think we might go for a post article, say, Monday tenth oct.


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Ah, no problem. Glad to be of service smiley - towel


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Good luck with the quiz! I am invariably stumped by the questions about Corrie.


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How did the quiz go?

I promised to pop by with some questions. Here they are. Like I said, pick and choose your questions if you like - there are quite a lot. You could post your answers here, or email me at s underscore solnushka at yahoo dot co dot uk

How many times have you taken part?

Why did you decide to take part?

Did you complete the 50k?

What is your book about?

Describe your favourite character.

Describe your favourite moment in the book.

Did you carry on working on the book after November?

What was the best thing about taking part?

What was the most difficult?

Did you hit a wall?

What got you through to the end?

(Or why did you stop?)

How much preparation did you do?

Have you got any tips for anybody thinking about giving it a go?

Would you do it again?

Are you doing it in 2011?

I read your piece in the post about it from last year. I really enjoyed the description of the tricks you used to keep yourself going.

It occured to me that you might be interested in the Create project itself, which is a new space for noohootoo which aims to encourage writing and other creative endeavours via tasks. I wondered if you wanted to help out with task setting.

No pressure! We'll be putting something up soon after the move so you could have a look and see if you wanted to get involved. Even if you didn't want to full time, any ideas for tasks we could set people would be much appreciated.

Anyway, I look forward to your answers!


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The quiz went fine, thank you. We finished first smiley - cool after a few weeks of embarrassing results smiley - monster

I'll take a look at the questions, and send answers per email -- no peeking in advance for nosy Researchers smiley - lurk

The Create project sounds attractive; I'll have a look at it, thanks for the information smiley - ta


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Email sent smiley - book


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So... I said I'd be back and I am. Any thoughts about becoming an occasional or regular task setter for Create? U14992038

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