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Oh, and regarding rareness of having no useful mathematical property: amusingly, it seems that 'interesting' numbers tend to be small, and a given small numbers would tend to have many interesting properties, while larger ones may have only one.

I wonder why that is, though. Are we little human beings not well suited to study large numbers, or do interesting properties really become scarce? Or do we detect as 'interesting' only properties which we can observe in small numbers?

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Isn't 'interesting' just about the most subjective judgement possible?

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Yes, 'remarkable' would be better suited. And that's indeed the term used by Fran├žois Le Lionnais:

Or we could just call them 'beautiful' smiley - winkeye

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Loudon Wainwright III - Four Is A Magic Number

Four is a magic number
But then again so is five
There's a sinking sinner in your gutter
He's the happiest man alive

Every time I sit you down
To tell you, "Search your soul"
For safety sake, remember please
This boy, he don't know

And the cross is a sacred symbol
But then again so is the fish
And the priest who makes you tremble
Prays for stars on which to wish

Every time I sit you down
To show what must be shown
For safety sake, remember please
None of it is really known

Earth is a mystery mother
But then again so is mom
Jesus didn't go no further
Than any Harry, Dick or Tom

Every time I sit you down
To tell you what is true
For safety sake, remember please
I would shut up if I knew

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