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Going to UK

I (an American) will be traveling to London on August 15. My tenative plan as of now is to spend a week or so in Britain with a German friend on mine. If anyone has any recommendations of great places to visit in that time, please feel free to suggest them.
smiley - martiansmile

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Editor's Choice, Baby

My first ever edited entry, A Brief Timeline of Chinese History, appeared on the front page today as editor's choice smiley - bubbly. I think I shall take that little specially designed image and put it in my home space.

Incidentally, China is only the first of many intended 'Brief Timeline' entries to give a basic overview of the history of important places. My next one is Byzantium, although who knows when that will be completed. Maybe after that I will do the Roman Empire.

smiley - martiansmile

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The 90 year old man

Last night I went to the birthday of Henry "Hank" Herschberg, aged 90. For his birthday Hank sang "O Tannenbaum" in German and then proceeded to beat everyone present in Trivial Pursuit.

This man still hits (and gets) everything that moves, used to pull cars out of the snow by brute force when he lived in Vermont 5 years ago, and still chopped his own firewood until he was 80. When asked his secret, he told a long story involving a group of rabbis in his native Brooklyn, the Golem, and an indecipherable string of Hebrew which ended with the line, "If you want to live to be 100, when you get to 99 start living more carefully".

Every morning he eats a piece of gefiltefish for breakfast. He lives on saltines and red wine. For special parties he keeps a collection of ballgowns. Last week he got "a nice velvet off-the-shoulder number".

So this week I will dedicate my journal to a man who ought to be an American hero: Hank Herschberg.

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Somebody HELP!

Can someone tell me why I can no longer edit my personal page? I try to change something and it makes the “” differently, then says that my attributes aren’t really quoted. I don’t have this problem with any other entries. What is going on? Anybody?

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Revision of Plans

For Master B's "We Didn't Start the Fire" Project:

"Mafia", "China's Under Martial Law", and "Hypodermics on the Shore"

Other entries:

Hapsburg Rise to Power
Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier
Pitcairn Island Group
Easter Island History
Paradigms and Paradigm Shifts

All others can wait until after exams.

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