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Where has the time gone...

I feel like it has been far longer than a month since I last posted anything here...just incredible amounts of things to do...

I plan to keep up my involvement here..I've said that before and it has fallen by the wayside, but this time shall be different..smiley - smiley...

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Little Things

I have just finished replaying Riven, one of the three best computer games ever made (the other two being Myst and Myst III). It is a fantastically beautiful, detailed alternative-reality world, and I very much enjoy playing it. The ideas behind the stories and puzzles are so well made and work together to make a simply exceptional game.
Just bought the new Steely Dan album, "Everything Must Go". It is a great album and I very much enjoy listening to it. In another Dan note, I plan on attending one of their concerts this summer/fall.

That's all for now here on the "Bore-the-Reader-Out-of-His-Mind Journal" smiley - smiley

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Must there be a subject?

Perhaps I should write here more often. But then, most things that happen to me are quite uninteresting (or at least I think they are).

One new bit of news smiley - smiley : I joined a message board of MYSTerious proportions. It is really a nice addition to my H2G2 membership, IMO.

Another new bit of news: I have acquired a new dictionary!! Hooray! Also, I bought some William Safire books, necessary for anyone who enjoys reading about words (I am amazed at the time I have to do that...)

That is really all for now. Maybe another dispatch will roll in soon.

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Vitamins is done and sent off, a new article of Amelia Earhart is in peer review, math article...sorry, nothing yet. smiley - smiley

I am now a Sub-Editor. Hooray!

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I am reminded of the Styx song "Too much time on my hands", except the situation is somewhat the opposite. Oh well. I get on here when I can, and I do actually plan on finishing the Vitamins article and the mathematic trick one at some reasonably soon future time. I guess it is good to be busy though, get to contribute to the world and all that....though it would be nice to have more time to be able to do other things...can't really complain however, I enjoy what it is I do, but sometimes it just so much...well, I'm ranting now so I will stop. TYAHAND!

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Latest reply: Mar 6, 2003

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