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Hello my olde friend, h2g2.

Hope you are well.smiley - ok

I've been better. I've been worse. So, mustn't grumble. (Still no Marvin, eh?)smiley - martianfrown

A friend has suggested a few times that I should have a blog, to express my opinions on matters skeptical, and the like, in a more formal structured/cogent manner.smiley - flyingpig
He seems to think I'm not entirely meretricious.smiley - clown
Whilst I don't believe anyone on h2g2 ever held me in anything I had to say on such matters with any high regard.smiley - otamot
I took to thinking that perhaps the Journal or Article system on h2g2 could serve the purpose of hosting anything I wrote, and getting intelligent feedback from my peers. smiley - scientist

smiley - blacksheep

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Brian Cox giving the Douglas Adams memorial lecture "The Universe and Why We Should Explore it". 7.30 next Thursday (10th March) Royal Geographical Society, Kensington

Some friends have had to pull out at the last minute. If you'd like to acquire their tickets (two) get in touch ASAP.
Or if you think you may know two mostly harmless folk that may be interested and able to attend; please point them in my direction.

Info on the event:

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If you know me at all, you'll have some idea how important this place and the folk here, possibly you reading this have been to me.

I'm saddened to see the end is coming.

I'm also saddened to have realised that I don't wish to hang on here until the end. Nor to involve myself in anything more than moral support to those seeking to journey to a new beginning.

Be well.


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Thank you, everyone...

Not sure how else to express it.

In the almost 8 years now since I joined, I've fallen in love here more than once. Been reached out to with friendship, support and well intended gestures.

I've been silly, and selfish, soppy and suicidal, angry and apathetic, loving and loved, profound and perverse, helpful and hurtful...

And thank you, those that are still here, thank you those that have moved on and may never see this, thank you to those I frightened with anger and self-loathing, thank you those I pushed away, thank you those I couldn't push away though I tried, thank you those who gave me chance to make another being happy or laugh, thank you those that gave me an excuse not to die.

Thank you.

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I planted some outside. Nine of them. I'll be getting some more.

There are lots of daffs out there, too many and too hodgepodge for my taste. I'll did them up after they've finished for the season.

The ferns I planted last year haven't come up yet, but they didn't die down til quite late. I'm hoping they'll grow, spread and multiply for themselves.

I'll get some honeysuckle too to climb. And I think perhaps some mint and other perennial herbs.

Been thinking of getting a bread maker, or at least a tin. The bakery in Lindfield is good, but, is so popular they tend to run out or have people in line running out the door when I take the 20 minute walk into the village.

Fresh bread is subtle pleasure. I think the process of kneading the doe and experimenting with what one can make would a pleasure too.

Here's an example of the fun one can have applying reason to world:

I fancy having a turn at this Japanese art. Snailrind's rabbit has volunteered some droppings. But, I think I'll work local soil before I graduate from hikaru dorodango to hikaru dorodungo.

Skeptics in the Pub launched successfully,
Richard Wiseman came and gave an entertaining talk.
The room was packed and we had to turn away people who hadn't bought tickets in advance.
It shows that there is appetite to explore ideas, be informed and entertained and socialise at the same time.

Within myself, well I have been more aware of the BPD lately and have increased my quetiapine, but it is the only med I'm taking for it now. And it manages things at less than tenth of what I had been using, even after this increase.

I came across an interesting study on us Borderlines only recently:;321/5890/806

It adds to the data showing just how differently our brains are structured. Some feel this suggests a genetic component, but I think it shows just adaptable the brain is. BPD starts young, and that age a pattern of defensive behaviours set in, and seemingly lead to a brain that processes emotions and perceptions very differently from the norm. These behaviours later become self-defeating and destructive or "maladaptive", and very difficult to shift. Unsurprising given that our brains have been dramatically reorganised.

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