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Hi Danks....

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Hi Danks,
Welcome to H2G2, my name is manda (well its not really but thats another story) I am from Wolverhampton in the UK, I am an "ACE", (Assistant Community Editors), and I am here to welcome you to H2G2 and to show you around, there is always something going on here to please every one if you know were to find it

If you can click on this number >> A725500, were Rocket Man has made a page for new Researcher's to look at,

Or this number >> A534953 which will take you to Shea's List 'o Links.

If you want to brighten up you page you could always look at this page >> A690518 ,

If you need any more help or just want to talk then do not hesitate to ask, you can leave me a message on my page by clicking on this number >> U193090 , or by clicking on the "REPLY" button at the bottom of this page, and I will get back to you,

Have some smiley - cake and a cup of smiley - tea to keep you going.
Speak to you later <ok

Manda smiley - magic

Hi Danks....

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Hi Manda

Thanks for the welcome, and the links that you gave me. I was thinking about how I could brighten this page up a bit.

So, are you a volunteer, doing this for the love of it? I must say it is a pleasant change to have a personal greeting from a real person...



Hi Danks....

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Hi Danks smiley - ok nice to hear from you smiley - biggrin

I am a voluteer smiley - cool I just like meeting and helping them out smiley - ok
If you want to brighten up your page,then you might what to change to GuideML,if you want to do that just let me know and I will help you though it smiley - cool
The ASK H2G2 is a popular place if you want to have a look, it is here >> F19585?thread="smiley - magic" title="magic" class="smiley" src=""/>

manda smiley - cheerup

Hi Danks....

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Hi again Danksv smiley - ok

I thought I would tell you about GuideML while I have got a few mins to spare smiley - biggrin
If you click on the "EDIT PAGE" button,at the bottom of the page yo will see " PLAIT TEXT and GuideML " Put a spot in the Guide spot and then click on the "CHANGE STYLE" button smiley - ok

Then you have to make sure that every thing you write goes in here

After you have changed to GuideML
every thing will apear on one line,so you have to put to start a new line ( you will soon know what I mean smiley - winkeye )


for a paragraph

and if you want to put some pictures on your page,just go here >> A692741 ,find a picture that you like and copy the code onto your page smiley - magic

if you want to have a look at the GuideML page it is here >> A187229

Hope this has been some help to you smiley - hug

let me know how you get on smiley - cool

manda smiley - magic

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Hi Danks....

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