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interesting thoughts, however if you can't see sombody acting like Adolf from whrere your sitting, turn around - you may be facing a wall.

It strikes me that that remark could have me standing in front of one (a wall) in some places, while some serious men with guns discuss technical details of the and wind direction. My point is that it's not people wanting to act like Adolf we need to worry about, it's the people that think they can make somthing out of letting them and jumping on the band wagon.

One poor idiot wanting to rule the world is no danger, even if he does have an evil moustash to help, watch out for the countries who back him because they think it might benefit them.

(I have just been reminded that a slang word for a moustash is "Bush". Could this message have a deeper meaning? Ans. If your looking for a deeper meaning in my writing your going to be disappointed.)

Anyway, I hope the trend you've identified doesn't continue 'cos I hate eighties fashions.

Sorry about the rambling nature of this posting, I look forward to hearing more of your opinions.



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Researcher Squangos

I suppose you're right, Nick, although I doubt Germany will make the same mistake twice smiley - biggrin... Anyway, it's not as if society will regress that far in the near future, just as far as it takes for there to be a Tron computer game (out summer 2004). Also, I'm afraid to say that if society has to take ideas from the past, it might just think that the '80s had the best fashion sense of the last 100 yearssmiley - laugh, when everybody with a brain knows it was the '60s. Those crazy hippiessmiley - zen, with their drugs and free sex smiley - erm... It took a lot of phone box advertising for prostitutes to get society back to "normal" after that...smiley - huh What did I just say there? Sorry, I was thinking of something else... Mmm... smiley - choc (oh, and money)smiley - winkeye. Gotta save up for those designer '80s clothessmiley - laugh... (What, I can't follow fashion? smiley - cool)


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Ahh - I can't be involved in slagging Tron!!! The nerd police might be monitoring this conversation!

It's great to talk to someone with your grasp of world affairs. I was worried that Adolf's little army might be popping in for a visit soon, I just wasn't sure what phrase book to buy.

Following your advice I'll put the German one back. I guess I won't need a phrase book now! Do you know if any sealed concrete bunkers are for sale? Something with one previous owner, couple of hundred feet underground, life support for three years - you know the sort of thing. There were a lot of them around in the sixties.

By the way, is this conversation making sense to you, 'cos I'd like to feel that one of us knew what it was about?

On the subject of normality - when you find one take a picture and send it to me please.

Thanks for the reply, hope I'm not boring you.



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Researcher Squangos

I know that a lot of nuclear bunkers have been opened to the public, so you could try and buy one to renovate "for the public".

On the subjet of this making sense, this doesn't, but then again lots of great things never made sense (cheese and onion, etc.)

As for taking a picture, what? And where? And how? And why do I apparently have to steal it? Or can this just be a picture that's lying about? But why would there be a picture just lying about...

Argh! The nerd police! Take that, you D&D freaks! D&D freaks...

As for the nerd police, I've sent them packing (I've just brought their local D&D supplier! smiley - biggrin)


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Researcher Squangos

Just found a picture


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Researcher Squangos

Now why didn't that work...
Blame it on those [email protected] nerd police!

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