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Making Cups

To give myself a bit of encouragement to make us some coffee cups I have decided to keep a journal of my progress, this will take a bit of time I want to do it slowly but I am determined to go back on the wheel .

Today I cut some bamboo , It's still green, one piece is about two feet long and about three inches dia, from this I have fashioned a clay knife to fit my hand, I will use this to cut spare clay from the bottom of the pot when it's still on the wheel it has other uses too.
The other piece is much thinner about three feet long and a little over an inch dia, I've split this to make some Tomboe (dragon fly) measuring tools, they will be cross shaped and will be used to measure the depth and width of the mug's when they're on the wheel to keep them uniform size.

For me I like to make my own tools as much as possible then everything feels better .smiley - smiley

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So what would you do

If someone came to your house and told you it was no longer your space and you should get out, what would you do?

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Pished off

Just watched the bbc news, It started about money( seems like more important than any other (thing) again only white faces in itsmiley - erm then people mostly white until about 13 min's long/past , then it showed black people/ don't like that word, mostly/definately, they were hurting dyeing, then the beeb started on religion shots of the pope, like who is he dressed in white(how often does his clothes get washed) shorly we shouldn't worry about spelling we should worry about people black, yellow white or pink?why does money take up most of my (paid for news)smiley - erm

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Just thought I should advertise a bit early this year,On May the fourth we will be having a big BBQ lasting from lunchtime until well into the night , your all welcome to drop by.smiley - biggrin

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Just thought I should say

That since xmas unknown to me I've had four heart attacks , at the time I thought it was my lungs playing up, after visiting my local chest DR on tuesday I've spent most of the time in Tenri hospital, my arms are now blue , yellow and shades of purple, feels like half my blood is in small files at the hospital.
I do know that one of the best heart DR's in the world took care of me a DR Nakagowa ,he placed a Stent in one of the main arteries in my heart via My left wrist, we also talked in english about the cotswolds where he vacated a few years ago. In my experience the vast majority of DR's in Japan can and will talk english to anyone that needs their help.smiley - ok

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