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I've got 5 weeks until my first A Level exam, and it doesn't seem long enough! Our teachers have started to do revision sessions with us in class, and I have done a bit of revising over the holidays. I always seem to have my birthday during the exam season, but luckily, this year's celebration falls on a Friday (June 6th, for anyone who wants 2 send me a birthday e-mail), and I don't have another paper until Monday morning (A2 English Lit paper 4), so I have a free weekend to get as mashed as I can. It'll be the last time my mates and I are together, as they are all leaving College, and I'm staying on for a 3rd year. This will be the last journal entry until after the exams are over, so wish me luck!

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The origins of "moose"

I have a weird nickname. When you think of a moose, you automatically think of a rather large, ungainly creature with huge protuberances coming from its head (and I don't mean as in phallic) and massive feet. You don't think of me. But my nickname is Moose. I suppose I have large feet, even by male standards (size 11), and I can be a bit clumsy, but moose? Anyone else out there got weird nicknames?

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It is Monday morning, and as usual, I am stuck at college. I have to do my Media homework(or at least the rough notes)at lunchtime, as I am a sad individual who does not have a video recorder at home. But at least I can watch Star Trek:Deep Space 9 in the morning before I have to come here, sustaining me for the hard day ahead. I swear some of my teachers think I'm weird! Just because I have a somewhat eccentric outlook on life - I'm just a misunderstood genius! It's not my fault I have a Mensa-level IQ and the memory of a peanut when it comes to everyday life, and I'm a bit daft and clumsy! I wish there was someone out there who understood where I'm coming from...

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