What Am I???? At 58? Well, I'm a 60-Retro.

Dear Sirs: Well,the way I got here,kind of like alice falling downt he rabbit hole,not knowing where she was going,is how I like to describe how I found you. Oops, I am not English.I am an American.(ducks rotten tomatoes and cricket bats.)

Please, "don't hate me cause I'm an American!!"Blame God,he deposited me here!!I'm just a 58 yr. old,white,female,(was red-headed,it faded to blonde,)blue-eyed,very fair,slightly over weight,tall(5',and 5 1/2 in.)high cheek-bones,small nose,very large eyes(long eyelashes)nice lips,and long neck.(Sorry for the ego,I used to be very pretty in my youth.)I wear glasses,and I'm a bit of a "geek";meaning,I am very intelligent,educated(B.A.in Fine & Allied Art,Minor in English Lit.)and while I was never good in school at math or science,I like anthropology,psychology, and philosophy.

I am Jewish.(ducks bibles and small jars of incense.)My dad's family are Lutheran,(with Jewish thrown in,they mostly died in Germany,WW2,but we retain their blood in our veins;so I'm about 25 % Jewish.)They do not like to talk about the Jewish blood in the family;my grandfather was a Lutheran Missonary in China,and they knew Pearl Buck's family,over there.So,my dad was a strange person.(A P.K.)He was born in China,knew Mandarin Chinese fluently,and never got used to living in the U.S.,later.He always felt like an immigrant in America.Later,he wrote books of "Chinese Fair Tales",but since he knew the religion and culture so well,they were very genuine.He had to publish them himself,and went out selling them everywhere himself.He published in "The Organic Gardener"magazine.Gardening saved him;our family was Swiss(Pennyslvania Dutch are not really "Dutch,"they"re German.)Pennyslvania Dutch,and they were wonderful farmers.In his youth,he was a San Francisco Longshoreman,in California. Very tough.But a troubled person.
You have to understand my family,to know what I am.I was born in Oregon,(the state)and we lived in Sacramento,CA,for ten years.I went to the U.of Oregon,for four years,and went back to San Francisco,to work,and live,for about 30 years;I did Underground cartooning and writing(comic books,worked for small newspapers,)and then,to keep from starving,became a cooking teacher,for the rest of my life,till middleage.(My feet gave out;I have arthritus,crippling them,can't hardly woddle around.I now use DMSO,illegally,on them;it helps.)

I'm "retired",and a full time family-caregiver for my 89 yr.old mom,who's got dementia,& some mental illness.(My whole family has that.We're dysfunctional,depressed,Borderline Personality disorder,you name it.)I now like to do simple computer-art(Photo-Brush,& Adobe Illustrator 10)and want to do simple animation on the computer. I also do painting and drawing on fabric,clothing,shoes,even underwear(fancy panties)and would like to sell the originals some day.But marketing:I could try Ebay,but that usually sucks.I'm stuck for how to Market.But doing artwork saves my life,like gardening saved my dad.I wish I had become a real nurse,I find I like caring for people.I have friends on HealthyPlace.com chat rooms,where I chat all the time.

My sister and I talk about the enviroment,anthropology,(I can;t get her to talk religion,or philosophy,really)and she's good at horticulture,and jewelry making.(Beading;she's a member of San Francisco Gem & Mineral Society.)I also love fashion,and watch all the trends(I hate all that black this season,I refuse to buy it.)We all share a love of jewelry,beading(she's practically a professional at it,)and making stuff to wear.It's a creative family;(and a screwed up bunch of geniuses,too,who feel like they're failures.)We all liked to write,and my sister's writing a whole trilogy of fantasy books,with a complete fantasy world.Duh--I like to write fairy tales,and satire.We're unpublished,except for all my comic books.(Blah.)But northern CA,where we all live now,is too expensive,when my mom dies,I'll probably move to a cheaper state;this one's turned into GOLD.She and her"mate"just got evicted,in San Francisco,and they can't find a decent 2 bedrm.anywhere in the whole bay area,they can afford. Talk about being homeless in one of the richest states in the union!!(And the most fouled-up.)

I used to be a much more sociable person(although I never married or had kids.)Now,I've become more reclusive.When I move to a cheaper,far away state,I'll be bored to death,but who cares?California is so OVERDONE,NOISY, Freeways everywhere!!Too pressured, too stressful,too competitive. Everyone wants to "make it"here. I'm just an old lady,ha ha. An ex-hippie.(during the 70's.)

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