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just in case

any ones missing offline due to my pc crashing on me

dont know how long it.ll take to get it fixed every where ive tried is chokka at the mo and cant look at it yet for me aaaaaaargh

and if your wondering how ive put this journal here........well its quite simple really in yorkshire at the mo but just a quick visit gotta go back for work this morning unfortunately and dont know when i.ll get the chance to come here again

so ttfn every one i.ll get back soon as i can

take care romi xx

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Latest reply: Sep 3, 2003

guess who's back :-)

h2 will never be the same again smiley - laugh

I'm back to stay smiley - winkeye

smiley - angelvsmiley - devil

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things are getting better at last

after writing my escaping abuse journal i went to cheshire to stay with friends in a pub, great you all think & yes it was at 1st but after a few weeks the novelty wore off & the little money i took with me run out aaaargh!

originally i intended going there until i got a flat in yorkshire but i fell in love with the place & decided to stay i put in for a flat i registered with a new doctor & went to the job centre, all was ok till they found out im under a neurosurgeon having tests for a numbness i keep getting in my left arm.......they said i was unfit for work & to get a sick note & go on income support trouble was my new doctor was on holiday & i had to wait till he came back eventually after 5 weeks of being penniless i got sorted its not a lot but its better than nothing.

ive finally been offered a flat which ive accepted trouble is smiley - bleep workmen are in there so im now waiting to actually move in, but the good news is the place is totally secure & safe with cctv & main doors that cant be opened by just anyone im also well away from my ex who will never be able to trace me since i changed my name by deed poll before i left, the flat has been totally rewired, new central heating, new kitchen units, new bathroom suite & new doors & windows.......i cant wait to get in there even if it is going to be hard at 1st since ive no furniture at least i know i can at last see a light at the end of the getting there & starting a new lifesmiley - biggrin

romanismiley - angel

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escaping abuse

well I think its about time I started this I,ve been promisinging it long enough but the problem is I dont know where to begin!
oh well to cut a long story short I,ve been in an abusive marriage for the most of it & I,ve decided enough is enough I,m getting out of this hell hole no matter what!
I actually left the saturday between xmas & new year but after just a week I was forced to come back by the council who said that as my name was still on the tenancy I was resposible for the house & the rent & coupled to that my b*****d of an husband was threatening to wreck the place
It,s been hell here these past 5 wks but at last the tenancy is in his name so what ever damage or arrears he causes can no longer come back on me so I,m moving on I dont know what is going to happen to me & to be honest I,m really past caring anymore
all I really know is that I want to escape this situation once & for all by whatever means it takes

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