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Lenny (Lynette)

Hi There Tom, and Welcome to H2G2!

I am an Ace or Assistant Community Editor here. Basically I am a volunteer here to meet and greet new researchers and offer them any help they might need in getting started. It looks like you've already made yourself right at home here so I'll be brief.

Do visit the Welcome page ( or the Post's Links page (at Feel free to check out any homepages that may be of interest to you too as these offer great ideas on how to personalise your own. Just click on any researchers name to find out all about them. You can also visit the GuideML-Clinic (at to discover how you can really go to town on your space. GuideML is the very simple language used here for posting entries and info in an interesting way,

If you want to change any of your personal preferences you can click 'Preferences', or going to the UserDetails page (at to alter your name, e-mail address, password or skin.

If you get lost you can go to DontPanic ( and this will take you to the help pages. Alternatively, ask myself (hit reply below) or anyone else and we can help out.

Personally, I always pop into The Front Page to see what's new and find the links to the day's popular sites and new articles. The Smileys Page (at its more than just smileys) is a must. Clicking on any Smileys you see in conversations helps you discover their names and what they mean.

I recommend Shea's Links Page (on if you're hungry for more!

There's plenty on Life, as you may have seen already. I'm fan of cheese myself. I recently visited the Great Dorset Steam Fair and picked up some rather fine Somerset cheddar which is exceedingly good. You may be interested in this entry on Blue Cheeses at There's quite a bit on photography (I'm a bit of a photographer too, having studied for a City and Guilds in general photography). Perhaps this link on black and white photography may be of interest to you?

Just ask if you have any questions. Continue to enjoy yourself! If you do choose to reply to this, my Personal Space will be updated, telling me about it, so I'll be able to pop over the next time I log on smiley - smiley.



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Thanks very much. I've been exploring heavily, and am strongly considering publishing a lot of material related to photography.

Is there any qualms, (legal, religious, spiritual or otherwise) about cross-posting it to my own website?

The cheese bit was a bit of a rip - it's mainly just to annoy a mate! I'm not a big fan of cheese, although a bit of brie once in a while never goes amiss!

I am also interested in writing some guides about website production... all about PHP, databases and all that stuff.

Seems like a really interesting revolutionary thing that the BBC have done with this. Sure beats the hell out of things like !!

Thanks for your response.


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Lenny (Lynette)

Hi there

smiley - blush hadn't realised the cheese part was a leg-pull - its so hard to gauge on this!

As to the writing, go for it! I recommend you visit the house rules to double check exactly what you can and can't do. However, you can add links to your own site in guide entries and personal space so I don't think there will be a problem (don't quote me on that).

Anyway, I hope all goes well with your guide entries and research. Hope to see you around!

smiley - towel

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