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the sphere

We live in circles. in little self constained worlds. The human body is a unieverse of interacting peices, this includes a number of bacteria and weird bugs that live on us. And we live in families, even when we move out. Little support groups of friends and relatives. inside cities, inside districts, inside countries, on land masses, on a lame little planet. a speck of dust in the cosmos. I want to die somedays.

"goddamn this noise inside my head" - trent reznor


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who am i?

so, i started the process of self avaluation and i have discovered a pattern forming. i have massive potential and above average inteligence, but lack the direction or even the desire to apply it to life. also i have wasted the last 5 years of my life doing what other people tell me to do. i need to take control of my own life. so i am begining with today.

also my friend panda and i diceded today that in a year from now we are going to england for a year on a work/travel visa. yeah!

you know what they say it's time to melt...


"i'd only come here seaking peace,
i'd only come here seaking me"
******************************* vnv nation - dark angel

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Latest reply: Sep 17, 2002

day one

this is the start so i will be mostly backward. i am at a crossroads in my life. i have the difficult task of recreating myself. i am not who i want to be.

so i must strive to be what i want. i will let you all know on my progress.

step 1 is identifying who and what i am. pro and con. i will post that list on my next entry...

"the unexamined life is not worth living" - socrates.

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