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Hi there, Cleo

Delighted to make your acquaintance; doing so seemed kind of appropriate after you'd noted strange behaviour in the Quiz thread.
(Between consenting adults, mind)

Hope your enjoying h2g2, and meeting a wide variety of its fabulous denizens.

Sounds like you're mathematically inclined. Here's a favourite crossword clue:
Undecidability sounds kind of hip (6,6)

Pin smiley - cheers

Yowza Cleo

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How nice to hear from you. I've been watching your progress on the japanese pin-up thing with interest. I thought your left hander theory sounded very promising. I did risk googling the surprising left handed pin-ups, but it didn't help.

On the subject of theories, I'm having a guess at Godels theory. I'm thinking girdle, hip, undecidability, 6 letters. So that's my guess.

Love your Seal page.

Thanks for the crossword clue.

smiley - smiley

Yowza Cleo

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Yeah, the answer is pelvic girdle.
Well, I thought it was funny...
I'm an engineering physicist, but some of my colleagues are mathematicians. On sleepy days they try to explain Goedel to me.
Penny hasn't quite dropped yet...
(But looks forward to future quiz Qs on number theory. That'll sort this arty lot out pretty good!)

Yowza Cleo

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Pelvic Girdle !

Close......but no Bolivar.

Yowza Cleo

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Strange...smiley - smiley...wonderful...smiley - biggrin...kind of scary inside my head...smiley - blush...

...That's the nicest thing anyone's said to me in ages...smiley - wah

(Betcha it's a better answer than the real one. Still, it would be unkind to bait Granny. She once touched Robert Plant, y'know...)

Thinx : might even dedicate myself to elaborate wrong answers to future Qs. Kinda fun...

smiley - winkeyePin

Yowza Cleo

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Robert Plant, eh? I never knew that.

You certainly know how to take a compliment.smiley - biggrin
Yes, well, I meant every word.smiley - ok

I was trying to follow your train of thought, but soon realised I was definitely on the wrong train and my ticket wouldn't go that many stops.

Be careful! If you keep coming up with wrong answers you might find you accidentally hit on the right one sometime. Actually, that might be the only way to get through this one.
smiley - smiley

Yowza Cleo

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I very nearly posted the following just now, but that would have been cruel, wouldn't it?

smiley - cross
...Seems that Granny has invented the concept of the hypoclue
smiley - whistle
...While we're waiting, assembled friends may be interested to know that the answer is definitely not Steptoe and Son, in spite of the fact that Harold's goldfish was called Charlie. It therefore follows that the transport wasn't Hercules either. Though in no way relevant, it can be exclusively revealed that Harry H. Corbett's last film was (improbably) "Silver Dream Racer", and that Ray Galton's dentist is called Edgar.
...Tune in same time next week to discuss the theory that the answer is 19th century Scandinavian philosophers whose names rhyme with diseases of the lower bowel...
smiley - erm

Yowza Cleo

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Cruel, well, maybe. I think it might have been excusable though, after the uncaring and sadistic treatment we've suffered over the past few days.smiley - sadface

I can see you've been working very hard on this, Pin.smiley - biggrin

Silver Dream Racer, with David Essex, who I was completely in love with throughout my teenage years. Still am, now I think about it. Incidentally, David Essex was also on Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds.... which ties nicely into the Martian Tales. Hey, maybe you're on to something.

Well, maybe not. Looks like there's been some progress in the right direction today, but it's so difficult to be sure, isn't it.smiley - erm

Yowza Cleo

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Yeah, I quite fancied David Essex too...smiley - blush

...Trouble with Granny, she doesn't know when to stop. The dear old bat thinks we're actually enjoying it...

Anyhow, tell me something I don't know about Number Theory. (Clue: this could be like ANYTHING about Number Theory)smiley - smiley

Yowza Cleo

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Things are odd on that quiz thread lately. I'll post a question later if Toxxin can't be shamed into it, and if nobody else does.

smiley - okNumber Theory.
It's only really concerned with integers. Number theorists will have no truck whatsoever with anything involving a decimal point, as they just make a mess all over the place and upset everything. This is an alien world for physicists, I imagine. Prime numbers are a special favourite, and numbers are often referred to in terms of their prime divisors.
60 = 2 * 2 * 3 * 5
100 = 2 * 2 * 5 * 5
31 = 31 etc
These are numbers in prime decomposition, and obviously there's only one way they can be decomposed.

Some things are easier when you look at numbers in this form. For example, to find the Greatest Common Divisor of two numbers, you just need to look at the intersection of their prime decomposition sets.
So the GCD of 60 & 100 is ( 2 * 2 * 5 )
The Lowest Common Multiple is found by multiplying one of the numbers by the set of primes in the second number that *don't* appear in the first.
So LCM of 60 & 100 is ( 2 * 2 * 3 * 5) * 5

So you can see that for two numbers (a & b), then
GCD(a, b) * LCM (a, b) = ( a * b )
as in, gcd(60, 100) * lcm(60, 100)= 20 * 300 = 6000 = 60 * 100

Number Theory is about finding integer solutions to equations like
15x + 37y = 3z

and working out whether there are an infinite number of primes of the form
3n + 2

and lots of other really useful stuff of huge practical value.

Well, it's all pretty obvious really, which is my favourite thing about it. There's nothing complicated to try to get your head round.

smiley - smiley
*that'll be the last time he asks *me* about Number Theory*

Yowza Cleo

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Should have read this before the Quiz thread.
No matter. I'll post a Q in your honour.
Well...not honour, really...sort of in the vein of that stuff above, OK?
Pinsmiley - biggrin

Yowza Cleo

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Seen this before? Any use?
It took me about a year-and-a-half to get an answer, which was then wrong...

Yowza Cleo

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Thanks a lot, Pin.smiley - smiley

I've only just noticed this. I haven't been spending so much time here lately. For the last two weeks I've been feeding my Big Brother addiction. I've been hanging around another forum specifically for those afflicted with the same habit.

Thats's all over now, sadly. But this will help me through my withdrawal symptoms. Where did you find it?

The longer I look at it the more I begin to see that it's a bit tricky.smiley - erm

Yowza Cleo

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...Who is this Mark Owen guy, anyway?
(I've quite enjoyed BB myself in the past, but not this latest pale facsimile. I'm more into Fame Academy at the moment - willing someone to punch David's head in. Sad, aren't I?)

The puzzle is an attempted recreation of a (probably much better) version that a mathematician friend cooked up some years ago. When I heard you were into Number Theory, I called him to try get a copy of the original(s), only he can't find them. Plural, because there used to be three - one for mathematicians, which was murderously difficult. I could do precisely one clue, I recall. This one is similar to and about the level of the second, for "numerate others". The third was for "innumerate others", and for laughs only. There were a number of good "How many blondes does it take to..." Qs in that one.

If I've got it rightish, this one's as hard as you make it. There are about a dozen or so clues that are extremely easy, several obviously so but a few more that only need a clear head (not going fact-blind at a series of mind-numbingly similar statements). Once you have those, you can get close to an answer by elimination - eg, if it says the answer is a prime with some other properties, you may not need to work out which prime. You might be able to eliminate whole blocks of clues and matching integers this way without actually solving each individual clue.

But if you're determined to solve every one, then, yes, it is pretty difficult.

Hope you enjoy it! smiley - devil

Yowza Cleo

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smiley - smiley
Still not got an answer to your puzzle yet. I think I've still got three numbers left over. I did email it to a couple of other people who I thought might enjoy it. Haven't heard from either of them since though.smiley - biggrin

Well, I'll get back to it soon. Real life has been making a bit of a nuisance of itself lately, what with Christmas and everything. (Weak excuse for lack of intelligent-seeming speedy answer.)

Thanks for linking me on the MathsLab thread. That sounds like it might be fun, and could be pretty useful for me. I'm about half way through a Maths degree with OU, and things could get tricky soon.

It's always nice to be among other people who like talking about maths. Whenever I tell real life people I'm studying Maths, they always stare incredulously and ask Why. It's not good to admit to liking it. It's like admitting to having some kind of dangerous mental illness. People become uncomfortable.smiley - run

It's Fame Academy finals soon, isn't it? I haven't got too involved in this. Hope you get the result you want.
Regarding the winner, that is; not David's head.smiley - ok

Yowza Cleo

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Down to just three possible numbers is pretty good.

Fame Academy can't have a satisfactory outcome now smiley - sadface - Ainslie's out.

It's been a fascinating program, but I won't watch the final. I think it would probably be a bit of an over-reaction to denounce my British nationality over it, but I do feel a bit that way inclined.

David is execrable, but he's going to win. His only talent is as a mimic. He's immature, devoid of any personality beyond barely-suppressed petulance and utterly anodyne. But they run the voting bit at 9 pm on a Friday night, when all the potential fans of anyone with talent are on their way out somewhere worthwhile. And a zillion blue-rinses vote for David. Them and half a zillion prepubescents, allowed to stay up late.

The BBC are going to have to give him a year's-worth of TV exposure. Well before the end of it, I guarantee there'll be a mass licence boycott. He utterly stinks, but he's going to win.

They aren't going to vote for Lemar, a consummate soul performer, because he's black. They didn't vote for Ainslie, strange and edgy - far too difficult. A few hundred thousand partisan Oirish will see Sinead into second place. She's even more petulant than the Glaswegian non-entity, though slightly more talented...

Trouble is, you watch something like that (which in the end doesn't matter) and despair at the fact that the same people are going to get a vote in a referendum on the Euro.

Phew...I'm glad I got that off my chest...

...Oh bugger...we were supposed to be talking about Maths, weren't we?

Pinsmiley - winkeye

Yowza Cleo

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So, David it was, as you predicted. I saw a little bit of the show on Friday. When I saw David I thought that you were joking about him being the favourite to win. Maybe this universal suffrage idea could do with a bit of a rethink.

So I suppose this means that David will be the new Gareth & Will, and we'll see him everywhere. Probably not for long though.

OK, how about 46 for an answer.

I'm not sure whether Q.41 should be 2(x squared),which gives 29 or (2x) squared which gives 7, I think. But it's probably the former, isn't it.

So that leaves me with 7, 41 and 46. And Q5 and Q46 still not done.

I'm using 41 as the answer to Q46. I can't prove it is the answer, but it can't be 7 or 46, so 41 goes by default.

The other question I can't do is q5. 7 works for an answer.

So all that's left is 46.smiley - ok

You're not going to tell me I'm wrong, are you.smiley - erm

Yowza Cleo

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Well done, Cleo! Have a Clooter smiley - stiffdrink
It's 46 all right.
Everything you wrote above is correct, so I think you probably allocated every integer correctly. It's a bit unsatisfying, I guess that it comes down to open-ended questions like 5. But I was assured that it could be solved by logical elimination and you've proved that, whereas I couldn't.
I did manage to work out that the answer wasn't a prime. I seem to remember I got it down to about six possible answers. They told me that wasn't too bad for a physicist...
smiley - headhurts
The Maths Club seems to be struggling a bit, yeah? Maybe we should draw their attention to the puzzle, and see how others do?
You want another puzzle? Got to be number theory, or is more general maths OK?
Pinsmiley - cheers
...Yeah, shame about David. I blame the Beeb rather than the inadequate little non-entity himself. Auntie copped out. The Beeb's tragedy is that it could get away with being genuinely elitist, or it could make a decent job of being populist. Instead, the middle ground that it occupies by default is often just embarrassing...

Yowza Cleo

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smiley - biggrin Got it right!

I enjoyed that. Thanks. It's definitely worth a mention to the Maths Club. Give them something to go at. It's a little bit slow at the moment over there. It's like everybody's arrived for a party but the bar's not open yet. I think it would be good if there was something for them to puzzle over. Of course, they've started this at a bad time probably, with Christmas being upon us.

Definitely interested in more if you've got more. I'll try anything as long as it's not too difficult.smiley - erm

The BBC (or one of their executives) said a few years ago that if they'd done Big Brother, they'd have messed it up by trying to make it educational or entertaining. I think that's more or less what happened.

Channel 4 are the only ones who seem able to do this kind of thing properly. Even ITV have to get Ant and Dec in to do clever little links and explain it to us. They just can't leave things alone.

Well, I have to go now to try to get the kids back into bed before they explode with an excess of pre-Christmas tension. I can't see them making it until Wednesday.smiley - sadface

Yowza Cleo

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Clooter = Cod Liver Oil On ThE Rocks (it's a Pier thing. I AM a seal, you know)

The Monstrous Regiment have all been watching Popstars tonight. Why doesn't anyone notice that everyone associated with it has no talent whatsoever?(except Davina and the Cheeky Girls, of course)

OK, a teaser just for Christmas (and please own up if you've met it before) :

Three random points in space. What's the probability that the triangle they describe contains no obtuse angle?

Have a good one smiley - santa

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