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i am now...

im now, until further notice, a wereelvenwingedcataroo

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I've just become 'keeper of all plants, especially Selaginellas'!!! Hooray!!!
smiley - artistsmiley - rainbow
ps Sorry I haven't been there for 2 weeks - I was ill...

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Upon the Subject of Cacti

hello. I am (to put it mildly) obsessed with plants. I think that what I have to say should also be an entry - it has come to my attention that many human beans have heard of the cactus plant, a prickly thing of the genus cactacae (sp?). However, few seem to know that in its plural form, the cactus becomes CACTI. So, as your contribution to whatever you want to contribute to, how about educationg a human? So go forth, fellow things, and educate a human today.

Thanx :P


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