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Hi folks!

I haven't been around much recently, mostly because a lack of enthusiasm to contribute to the site before the move because we don't know how things will change under the new order.

I thought it was time for a bit of an update.

I've come back from a week in the Algarve (near Albueira) with 8 friends. We hired a villa and spent a lot of time at our pool and a day on the beach. It's not really my kind of holiday but we didn't hire a car (which was a mistake) so it was difficult getting around. We did manage to go to a waterpark and into Albufeira a couple of times, as well as catching a bus to Lagos in the hope of going surfing (we'd been told it was a good spot) only to arrive and find the sea as flat as a millpond.

I also ound out on Tuesday that my application for a small internal promotion was successful so I'm pretty chuffed about that! I don't know when I'll start or where I'll be based but it's more interesting work than I'm doing now at any rate. It's also a payrise, although after tax, NI, and increased pension and student loan contributions it will probably be no more than £80 a month extra. Still, I'll take it!

What have I missed here?

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I'm not the right person to answer the 'what have I missed here' question Elentari; but it's nice to see you backsmiley - hug

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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

Hi Elentari,

Lots of things have happened while you've been away.. First of all, you should have received two emails from the BBC, if you have DON'T answer them - if you haven't let us know smiley - ok

You will find out everything that's been happening if you subscribe to the Announcement Page of h2g2's Future A85834173

Next, we want more volunteers!

Oh,.. and welcome back! smiley - hug

lil xx

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Elentari, good to see you here again. I have kind of kept up with you on Flickr but it is not the same as chatting.

smiley - applause on your promotion, I hope it turns out to be to your liking, and the rise is better than a kick in the teeth, especially in the current climate.

Take care,

Websailor smiley - dragon

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aka Bel - A87832164

Congratulations on the job promotion. smiley - bubbly

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Thanks all. I have seen the emails so I think I am up-to-date!

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