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A Job

smiley - biggrinsmiley - cheerupsmiley - biggrinOk, i finally have a job, and have been working for a few weeks!!!!smiley - biggrinsmiley - cheerupsmiley - biggrin

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Last Day!


Ihave had my last exam, but i can't burn my skool stuff, because i have to pass it all down 2 my younger siblings.smiley - cry

Anyway, i am hoping 2 ear alot of money over the holidays, and to enjoy myself with my friends.smiley - hug

Ohh... and i passed the life-guarding course i did, so now i am a qualified life-guard! YAY!smiley - biggrin

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Doesn't anyone think that the greatest threat to the West is the West itself? I mean president Bush. Don't get me wrong I think that Iraq needs to be dissarmed...but isn't Bush just as dangerous? He has weapons of mass destrustion, isn't afraid to use them and he has alot of power over the UN.

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Have you ever looked at someone and seen into their eyes…and behind the emotions and termoil you see, you think......g-d I can imagine then being an artist?
Well lately I have been doing exactly that, and, this is what I thought...

HeP= anything she wants to be (it’s truly annoying that this person seems so perfect that she could do anything!)
AnP=like his sister can do anything, but I see him more of a philosophers streak in him.
LiH= Estate agent
KiT= Journalist
AnK= Secretary
HaP= Sales rep
GeT= Baker
LaG= Model
EmC= an Adventurist (don’t ask me what I mean...when I look at her I see energy and adventure)
JeB= Beautician
RoS= Sports Trainer
JoB= Biker (the only reason is that I can think of, is that he would look really good in leather) or a Mechanic
PeJ= Building Engineer
StH= Computer programmer
SiR= work in a cheese factory
RiS= eventually sell all of his body parts or be a rubbish collector
MiV= Sports teacher
RoD= a male model
PhG= Pharmacist
ZoJ= Primary school teacher
MaB= Surgeon
JaU= Lawyer
MeB= Race driver
JaB= Trained Assassin (the quiet ones are always the most deadly)

And me...well I don’t seem to be able to find a job that I can do...

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9 of Jan

Hey! today there was snow, however, yesterday I walked home in what felt like a blizzard...from school. You might wander why this is's because, like the geek I am I stayed after school very late.

This week I have been recieving my results for the mocks...and I am not at all happy with them. I recieved B's in English which I am constantly reminded that is good seeeing asEnglish isn't my first language...but I still get jelous and upset/frustrated when I don't recieve an A while I watch my other 'much' clever friends around me get better grades.


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