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Many have concluded from my article on Ley Lines that I am a skeptic. This quite true, I am. I tend to follow people like the Amazing Randi, a magician who goes around debunking things. He was on the Penn and Teller Bullsh*t show tonight debunking Nostradamus, the French seer and public health proponent. Also on the show were some survivalists and mention was made of Hal Lindsey and Texe Marrs. I grew intrigued. I needed a new televangilist or radio preacher to replace Bob Larson, who has grown cold over the years. Bob was once my number one radio preacher. Anything I liked or believed, he didn't. I used to call in and "bedevil him" when he attacked anything like Science Fiction (work of the devil) or movies I enjoyed. One time he even attacked the movie "Back to the Future". Well, enough about Bob. He seems destined to be replaced by Texe, just as yellow snow replaced the mudshark in our mythology. I could go on and on, but I suggest that you go look at his web site for yourself and be amazed. I will personaly debunk one of his greatest crazy ideas here for fun and non-profit.

Texe Marrs World Cup Soccer Conspiracy

Texe says that the world cup stadiums as really ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) Antennas and they are used to (get this) communicate with Nanobots injected into people by Bill and Melinda Gates immunization programs. Purpose: Mind Control by the Illumanti! Well, Bob is stepping on my toes now. ELF is something that I have studied, experienced, observerd and researched for many years. First of all, it requires an antenna that is linear, not circular, like a dish. It is not transmitted to satellites in space but through the earth. ELF is around 4 hertz (4 cycles per second), discovered by Nikoli Tesla, the great inventor of the Radio (not Marconi), Alternating Current and many other cool things. ELF antennas are also several miles long, not hundreds of feet. So are the receiving antennas. They are used for submarine communication when submarines are "at depth". they trail these antenna behind them and wind it in when not in use. The messages come in very slowly due to the low frequency being able to carry only a small amount of information. a 1K document may take 20-30 minutes to recieve. A lot slower than a dialup connection. Nanobots would be incapable of recieving this signal, as would satellites in space. ELF antennas also produce ionizing radiation, which can kill small rodents nearby and affect plant growth. They may also be responsible for wrecking the mental health of several thousand southwest and montana residents due to "the sound" that many hear in these areas. The radiation and the size of the antenna have made it hard for the Navy to find a home for it. I learned of it from a Navy Trailer in the middle of a Las Vegas mall in the early seventies. I was working there as a high fi salesman and thought it unusual that the Navy would setup a trailer in a mall. SO I went in. A nice Lt. Commander showed me a movie and asked if I would sign his logbook. There were only 4 other names in the book. I asked why they were here, he refered me to the other room, which contained a small movie theater. He showed me a film explaining ELF, it uses and its side effects (killing small animals who were too stupid to read the warning signs). I asked why they were explaining this to random people in the "street". He told me Congress required that they disclose potentially harmful technologies to the residents of the state in which they proposed to erect the antenna. Nevada, Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming were the finalists. Iwas asked if I would like to have this antenna in my state. I guess me and the other 4 people who looked at this film said no, cause they put it in Wyoming. I tried to make a friend visit the trailer the next day but it was gone. I guess they only needed 5 people to make up their mind. The upshot is that there is no way a nanobot could recieve a transmission from an ELF unless it had an antenna that was as long as the sending antenna, or a smaller multiple, but there is a lower limit. Extending an antenna would foul up and kill the host or make it noticable to the natural body defenses.

This Texe Marrs guy bears watching. He claims to be a retired US Air Force Officer. I knew an officers kid on Okinawa named Morrie Marrs. He was a total buffoon.

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