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Hello Guy Ive Been Away Recently So Sorry For That! I'm Still Kinda Busy But I'll Try To Get Back From Time To Time.smiley - biggrin

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No one talks to me anymore...smiley - wah

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uhh life the universe and everything...(heh!)

Right here I am about to reveal some of the inner workings of my mind and I get coke up my nose any way other than that I'll get straight to the point. Anyone who ever told you that wer live in the third dimension obviously had no Idea what on in or halfway round earth they were talking about because according to my theory which I think holds much more logic or no logic at all depending at how you look at it (upside down gets you some interesting result and a sore head.)the world/universe whatever is made up of all these dimensions like with a colour picture you have a yellow, blue and red filter.the third dimension of course is the third and final directional dimension. But that does not mean it is the final dimension we continue to pass through time and that can not be harnessed by these first three and there for we must add a fourth dimension. The same occurs when we look at both direct conciousness and pure subconcious emotion. there for we now have five or six dimensions. Now if we go back to those direct thought and emotion dimensions of our world would it be a ludicrous idea that things that belong in that dimension category might be another form of energy or magnetic particle or some thing.(science fiction stuff here.)You all ways here people talking about the vibe of a room or something other than obvious things like peoples faces might some people psycics for instance be just reaaly good at picking this new STUFF up? If direct concience and emotion both come from the brain isn't each person constantly leaving a mark on these planes. and if so could that mark stay there after that person has deceased. or maybe even their conciousness lives on?(oh my god this sounds corny.)and another question does millions of minds all over the world beleiving in one thing make it manifest in this emotional or direct conciousness plane (home stretch)THERE FORE COULD MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WORLD WIDE CREATE A GOD JUST BY BELEIVING IN IT BADLY ENOUGH?

-I win this debate.

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