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Hi 202044 (or is that Mr 202044)
Welcome to H2G2, my name is manda (well its not really but thats another story) I am from Wolverhampton in the UK, I am an "ACE", (Assistant Community Editors), and I am here to welcome you to H2G2 and to show you around, there is always something going on here to please every one if you know were to find it, if you can click on this number >> A725500, were Rocket Man has made a page for new Researcher's to look at, or this number >> A534953 which will take you to Shea's List 'o Links. If you want to brighten up you page you could always look at this page >> A690518 , If you need any more help or just want to talk then do not hesitate to ask, you can leave me a message on my page by clicking on this number >> U193090 , or by clicking on the "REPLY" button at the bottom of this page, and I will get back to you,

And if you a LD visitor or you are using a E_MAIL DIGIBOX then you might want to have a look here >> U201567

Have some smiley - cake and a cup of smiley - tea to keep you going.
Speak to you later <ok

Manda smiley - magic

Hello Manda (but not really Manda) from Wolverhampton

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It's quite nice to see such a quick, lively reaction to a humble beginning such as my own - I take it purely as a sign of wonderful things to come.

I have been navigating here and there on the h2g2 site, and it is absolutely incredible so far...though I must say I do wonder at the makeup of the Guide researchers from a geographic standpoint. As I look up on the web browser address screen, instincts obvoiusly tell me that most of the folks on a BBC website aren't going to be Lithuanians by and large...but I digress. Is there a way of looking into the geographic spread of my fellow researchers?

I am from the town of Springfield, Missouri, in the United States. And while that might classify me as a "yank" to most clear-thinking members of the United Kingdom, I assure you that Missouri fought on the side of the Confederates during the period which we like to oxymoronically call the Civil War, and "yanks" would be a most atrocious insult to a large number of inbred, overall-wearing lads and lasses roaming about the various hillsides and valleys. But I digress once again, having not fought in our Civil War nor having had a stake in its outcome.

Anyway -- I thank you for being the first person from Wolverhampton to address me so kindly, and I hope to be able to live up to what I've seen of the Guide so far.


Hello Manda (but not really Manda) from Wolverhampton

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Hi #202044, nice to here from you,
We cannot tell makeup of the Guide reseacheres,as most of them are anonyms,but we have had a guess. and we think it is 50% from the UK, of the rest it is about 50% from the US and the rest are made up from the other countrys,
I know you like your number as you nick name but can I sergest that you change it to #202044 or Mr202044 or something like that, the only reason I serjest it,is that you will get a lot of helpfull people that think you dont know how to change it and they will keep telling you about it ( all trying to be help full of corse, )smiley - biggrin

if there is anything else I can help you with just yell smiley - ok

manda smiley - magic

Hello Manda (but not really Manda) from Wolverhampton

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There were many European researchers who left when Aunty Beeb took over h2g2. Have a look @ A660313 Regional Researchers' Groups.

Alji,{Guru}, smiley - zensmiley - wizard of the Red Dragon (Swynwr y Ddraig Goch) (conducting a sun sign poll @ A712595)smiley - surfer(Member of The H2G2 Guild of Wizards @ U197895 looking for wiz kids to join, though you don't have to be a wiz kid just know a bit about some subject that you think will be of interest to others or just bore the pants off them. This is an equal opportunities space open to all sexes, ages and abilities)

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