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Welcome to h2g2. Have a loo brushsmiley - cheerup. I'm Batty, one of the h2g2 ACEs (Assistant Community Editors). This is definitely a fun site. With lots of fun communities within the 'hootoo' community. smiley - biggrin

Below are a few links you might find useful. Feel free to contact me if you need further assistance or just wish to chat. Click on my name above to go to my page and leave me a message, or just reply to this one.

- The <./>Welcome</.> page
- A Special Welcome from Douglas Adams: <./>Welcome-DNA</.>
- DNA's own homespace, as he was very involved in h2g2 during his life (it includes lot's of links): U42
- <./>browse</.> H2G2
- The <./>ACES</.> Homepage
- The smiley - cool Smileys Page (more than just smileys): <./>smiley</.>
- If you'd like to participate in some of the upcoming Virtual Events this is the place to go: A715592
- If you would like to learn to code your pages to look really great, go to the GuideML Clinic: <./>GuideML-Clinic</.>

Ready to socialize with some of h2g2's festive (if somewhat oddsmiley - weird) locals? Try some of these links.

- A list of many of the Virtual Pubs available on h2g2 and 'Sense of Place': A707465
- If you just can't seem to get the hang of Thursdays join the Thingite revolution: A516647
- Join the crew of h2g2's own pirate ship, 'The Blood of the Zaphodistas': A579684
- Got something that's yours and yours alone? Claim your Keeper title here: A441596
- If you're the questioning sort you might enjoy the "Questions Only" forum... just don't expect any actual answers.. F63419?thread=100987
- If you're located in the Northeastern United States (or just happen to be in the area) check us out or sign up here: A666416

As if this wasn't plenty, here is Shea's Links Page: A534953 (why bother to create one of my own when Shea did such a great job?smiley - biggrin)

Oh and... don't forget your smiley - towel

smiley - cheers

Batty, ACE
smiley - bat

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Osiyo Squiggles...

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