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Hi that page...

I'm Jonny, and I'm an ACE here at h2g2. <./>ACEs</.> have the job of looking for people on h2g2 and officially welcoming you to this incredibly big, fun and addictive website!

To help get you started, I've compiled a page of links at A599330.
Or alternatively there's The Post Page of Useful Links at A660304 - <./>ThePost</.> is our weekly newspaper.

You can add your own entries by clicking on the "Add new entry" link from your space. h2g2 entries can be written in plain text or using GuideML, which you can find out more about at the <./>GuideML-Clinic</.>.

Attached to each entry is a conversation forum, here you can talk to people about the entry, and make friends smiley - smiley.
One of the busiest forums is <./>Askh2g2</.> where you can ask anything you want!

If you want to know how to do smileys, you can find out by clicking on this one smiley - smiley (or any of them!).

If you have any questions/comments about h2g2, or just want a chat, click reply and I'll see it later. smiley - smiley

Don't Panic,



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that page, singing below F

Thanks for the intro and suchlike.
I noticed you've been handling the
techy-ish questions. What feedback
I have is kind of of the nature of

"Have you considered icons of cups
of tea?"


"No, I'm pretty sure I did save it
using the submit button."

I'm assuming for now I've not read
enough other bits to know what I'd
like to know.

I dropped by after "Stargate", but
I wouldn't think that's news.


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Hello again!

Yes, I have been handling some of the tech questions, as well as one of the <./>ACEs</.>, I'm one of the Gurus, so I'm also a volunteer to help with that sort of thing! smiley - biggrin

Just out of interest, can you tell me what the entry you've lost was about? Can you remember what it was called?

Information is not saved on h2g2 unless you click the submit button. When you add an entry, make sure it's actually added correctly before you leave. If there are errors in the entry, the data won't save - maybe that's what's happened to you?



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that page, singing below F

Oh, er, excuse me a moment I thought
that if I replied it would include your

The entry you were asking about, it's
possible I may have selected it all
and then cut it or something. I'll need
to go through what's there in my area
to check but should be able to give you
some idea from memory.

I remember at the time thinking, "no I
did that with one or another of them,
but not that one." 's no great shakes,
I'm assuming it was my mistake.

There was some kind of conversation going
on to which I'm aware there was some kind
of reply (possibly mine) but can't tell
whether it was mine was inappropriate,
the original one I replied to that was
moderated after I'd replied or some other
reply (i.e. a "third post") that was some
way inappropriate. Is there any way I can
find out? And was it me in breach?


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