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...4 years later.
I got married, and we made a beautiful baby together.
Mostly on Wikipedia these days.
D&D 4th edition... rah!

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Wow, haven't been here in a while.
I really must finish the Greek Monsters guide entry.
I work at PC World now; I guess I just didn't have the commitment to earn a living doing illustration.
Gurps 4th edition - rah!

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I finally remembered my password - I couldn't log in after BBCi rejigged its log-in system.
Well I got a really nice scanner thanks to Janine's mum. I got some illustrations up, and had wrote to a few companies, but no replies so I guess I'm not good enough.
Still no job, and the jobcenter isn't going to give me any more money.
Ach. Oh well.

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Bunch O' Stuff

Well since my last journal entry, I've moved to Leadenham, Lincoln to live with Janine. Things are going super, except still no job.
My general plan was to become a freelance illustrator, for which I need a scanner - but a number of things have consipired to make this difficult; namely the 'Evil Anti-Scanner Fairy'. She has:
1)Given me a scanner but no power lead for it.
2)Given me a multi-volt adaptor but made sure that the amp rating wasn't high enough
3)Given me the correct power lead, but made sure that the parallel cable I was using wasn't parallel, but a null-modem cable or something.
4)Given me a local computer shop to buy a new parallel cable (I live in the middle of NOWHERE and I can't drive, so I thought I had got lucky there): Went there during its advertised opening hours to find the shop was closed.

So far it has taken me two months to progress absolutely nowhere. I feel like I'm in The Truman Show.

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Things I Thought I Would Never Have To Say: Part One

"Barney, don't eat the floorboards!"

I'm not making this up.

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