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exams and more exams ARGGGG!!!

ok so still the exams go on, today I had chem which was ok but i managed to miss out quite a few question, so they were only like 1 and 2 mark questions but i reckon its not too good to miss a few of them... but hopefully my prac exam will make up for some of the marks because that went really well.

on tuesday i had bio which went really well i so kicked ass cos i knew loads of stuff even though i didnt bother to do any revision (obv this probably isnt going to pay off in the results.. not looking forward to august!). and tomorrow ive got r.e. which im probs not gonna do very well in cos im not very good at philosophy and ethics, but i need to pass cos i wanna do it next year and drop art cos my teachers are evil! so after tomorrow thats me done!!! and may i just say how pointless the AS levels are, thank you stupid government!!!

anyway... losing the stress now cos everythings nearly over... phew!

p.s. can all the people who think me n sken are going out put their hands up?

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Latest reply: Jun 10, 2004

*brushes dust off journal*

omg how long as it been since I've written here!

so whats been happening in the world of she... well for starters I've just renewed my intro so its more up to date than it was, the other one was ancient!

because my time on h2g2 is so irratic im trying to make myself come on at least once every other day, to keep up with all you... whats the word for it... hmmm.... lovely peeps!

hmmm... so the mo im just doing my as levels, yesturday (thursday 20th may) was my chem prac exam, which was ok, even though i did manage to spill acid over my hand! but i did get all the calculations done and even the evaluation questions which is a bonus!!!

my next exam is on monday and thes general studies, cos my college is stupid and makes us do general studies even though no uni's accept general studies (at least not the ones I want to go to) so whats the point?!?!?

other than exams nothing much else going on cept my best mates band just had their first gig which wasnt in college but in an actual pub in sunderland! wowness!

luv me!

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Latest reply: May 21, 2004

she is once again a happy.
apart from the exams
and the d of e walking
and general AHHHH! status of the world.
but still happiness...happiness the greatest gift that i posses.

smiley - biggrin

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even more confuzzled

why didnt i just take a holiday when i said i would.
would have stopped a lot of problems.

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why when everything is going right do things fall apart?

just when you think everything is going great, schoolwork, extra activities, relationships, they all fall down on the floor and say no were not going to be nice anymore.

oh well nothing else interesting to report on at the moment.

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