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why the !@$£?

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I'm in WW2, I wanna add a journal entry, I get taken to h2g2?

why the !@$£?

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Must be because you originally signed up on h2g2 - or maybe the computer thinks you ought to be getting more into the h2g2 community!

why the !@$£?

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so did you find a way round this?

why the !@$£?

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collective editors

Hi ant girl, I noticed your problem and thought I'd leave you a quick message. Your weblog is based in h2g2 and will remain there always unless you ask an editor to move it into another site, where it will then stay. So if you want it moved simply chose which DNA site (i.e. WW2, get writing, collective) you want it moved to and then get in touch with the editors of that site. Hope that ehlps - Row (Collective editor)

why the !@$£?

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I can do that for you if you would like me to.

why the !@$£?

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I'm leaving it at the moment, but the friendly folk from various sites have said they can help out. I'm just deciding which site I'd like to leave my journal at. Editors - now is the time for the sales pitch!

why the !@$£?

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Lots testing there Antgirl! Hope that all is working out with the WW2 move.

Love the way you got your name, BTW. We have an h2g2 thread going asking how people chose their names. Perhaps you'd like to post?

I believe it was started by Frenchbean.

smiley - towel

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