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Something just occured to me...

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clzoomer- a bit woobly

I wish I could post my (digital video) pictures that are the equivalent of a thousand words here. Maybe then I could express myself.

I've done documentaries, behind the scenes press kits and pure visual entertainment but I can't put those into an entry.

I like what I do and others like it too. Pity.

smiley - sadface

I wish I could post to Youtube but it is all copyrighted. I don't own what I make, I just make it.

Something just occured to me...

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You're in the same legal situation as a whole lot of engineers, software writers, ad writers -- basically anyone creative who works for a big company. It kind of sucks, in a way.

I guess the upside over free-lancing is the steady paycheque.smiley - erm

Something just occured to me...

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clzoomer- a bit woobly

Unfortunately with freelancing I had even less access to my work. I would hand over the tape/disk/card and never see it again until it was broadcast. In the case of my Japanese clients I would never see it again, period.
At least with my present employer I can snip bits for a resume, although it's a little late in my career to be updating that. smiley - laugh
Yes it sucks in a way but I still love what I do.

smiley - cheers

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Something just occured to me...

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