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A more usual thing to do

Its kinda been a while, though not as long as last time. A full 2-3 months between updates here. Though my dreamwidth gets updated about as often right now. That's all due to Uni work and a toddler and a Collie and everything else. Somehow, I am still not sure after 2 years of doing it, I became the organizer for some of the stuff in the Local Pagan Scene, that's also filling up time nicely.

I have introduced the toddler to Jethro Tull, he loves it all of course. He especially loves Locomotive Breath and Bungle in the Jungle, which of course reminds me of things past.

Anyway, back to doing uni work, 2 week left of semester 1 of masters of Information Studies (basically Librarianship) and all.

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Its 2012

Yeah that is how long its taken me to come back again.

Its been a fun filled few months, Finns 2nd birthday, older brother has got married, xmass and so on. Here is hoping 2012 is pretty good. Less visits to the hospital I hope, but more on that later, maybe.

Happyish new year.

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I am managed to recover my old account from the new h2g2 people, something the old h2g2 people NEVER let me do. This doesn't mean I like them yet. But the relationship is warming from my cold skepticism.

Hiya everyone! I haven't been here in almost a year thanks to, well a lot of things. But I am back nowish! Yay!

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Finn is here

Our baby boy born 18th December 2009, just so you all know. Currently sleeping off a feed in his favorite baby sling.

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House is now coming along

Organising a house is hard, complicated and more tiring then renting, but have managed to get a really nice place in a new subdivision of a older suburb quite near us.

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