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Alec Trician. (is keeping perfectly still)

just thought i'd pop over and say hello stuart.

hello stuart.

i very much appreciate your posts.
you don't think we're in a minority do you??

alec.smiley - clown

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Hi Alec,

I am afraid we are, especially with this subject on h2g2. I thinks its just the vocal minority though with the silent majority nowhere to be seen.

It seems to me that most of these anit-war protesters are students who protest, not out of conviction, but because it is the "cool" thing to do. The preliferation of anti-american invectives show that. If there was a sound argument in their favour they wouldnt need to resort to insults.

They are a throw-back from the ban-the-bomb brigade of the sxties and seventies who where wrong then, have been proven wrong, and so it will be again.

Best wishes


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