Hello everybody!

I am an insane and very strange person, but also very friendly. I ride a unicycle and say a lot of very strange things, but I try hard to be sane if people ask nicely. I am 15 and I also enjoy rock climbing, squash and eating apples and chocolate (not usually together).

I have 3 little sisters (argh! yuk), two of which also ride a unicyle, as does my dad. My mum is vegan but the rest of us are just veggies (he says while tucking in to a veggie burger burger, mmm, I love make feat, urm, fake meat) Urg, comma overload headhurts. I am also part of the H2G2 vegetarian society.

I own a digital wristwatch and several small but important slips of coloured paper, although I do not know anyone who changes into a penguin on a regular basis.

Thats about all I've got to say, if anyone knows what I was actually meant to write here, contact me and I'll edit it.

OT(y)G (Keeper of fake holly leaves and those coat fastenings that people haven't really got a name for, but most people call "poppers").

Now for the serious stuff.....

It took me a while but I eventually ended up with:


No, I don't understand why 0!=1 either, but I saw it in the list of "rules" on how to produce 42 out of your number. If anyone does understand it, please explain it to me and I will try to understand.

My other unicycle's a Coker.

Yoda I be.... Put verb at end of sentence I do. Hmmm, English grammar not strong with this one is.

Genuine definition for "spur" I noticed when flicking through dictionary;
spur. n.
1: a device with a small spike or spiked wheel worn on a riders heel for urging a horse forward.
2: a stimulus or incentive.
3: a spur shaped thing.

From the DK Illustrated Oxford Dictionary

Go to www.rathergood.com
There are several very funny cartoons, but the best are the "Tales of the Blode".

A question raised by Star Trek; who is Captain Slog?


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