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UFO's. Aliens and crop circles

I have been trying to be as open-minded about UFO's, aliens and crop circles and try and find a place where I can get unbiased information on these.

On UFO's, Aliens and Alien abductions: I have heard that explanations ranging from weather balloons, military aircraft, natural pheneomns, catalepsy and sleep paralyse or even interdeminsal. I have been able to find out if there has been any unbiased researcher as those who are against are 100% against and those who are for are 100% and nothing inbetween. It does not help that military are being so secretive about their new developments but I cannot understand whey as the cold war is ended and there seems no other reasons for their secrecy.

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Apologies for my absence

I am very sorry for not being on-line and not answering posts/conversations. I have moved to South Ockendon along with my parents to two different accommodations (packing and unpacking as well as settling in)and it has been very traumatic for my parents and I have had problems with my flat getting gas, electricity etc.

I will try and endeavour to come back on a permanent basis until things become more settled.

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I wont' be on so often

Hello all I am a digibox user and I am also a full-time carer for my two very infirm and elderly parents. I will only be able to use h2g2 at the library when I can.


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Learning French

I wonder if there any researchers who like me are only starting to learn then French language at the very basic level.smiley - smiley

I would like to practice with another researcher who like me just starting to learn French with as I have no-one at home to practice with.smiley - smiley


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Hello everyone, I am know free to post. I had a wonderful time at the Big House with all the "inmates" - Ops, EE, Sandra, Creachy, Bryan, Deus, Loup, Unc who were all friendly.smiley - biggrin

I would like to make a special thank you to the Big Sister - Listy Lou who made all this happen. She put alot of time and work into the Big House - and her efforts paid off - it was a great success.

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